Importance of Corporate investigation


If you have to give some advice to your closed ones about safety precautions to be taken with respect to the dangers of increasing crime rate in our society, what would you say?

Be careful about people with whom you associate … Never trust anyone blindly…and most importantly, don’t fall into meaningless sweet talk, always try to be vigilant and completely aware of your surroundings. These will be the foremost contents of your advice isn’t it?

If we talk about the corporate world, we know that it is an undeniable fact that in order to extend the services of an organisation, one has to network and create professional connections with new people.

We are living in a modern age, where crimes can take different shapes and forms. Therefore, while establishing new contacts, it is really important to be careful and make every decision cautiously. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring someone new to play a pivotal role in your organization or entering into a business agreement with another company, it is very important to be fully informed about the person with whom you are dealing with, especially in the corporate world where carelessness and inadequacy from your part can lead to very harmful consequences and effect not just you, but your organization as a whole.

Pre-employment and Post-employment investigation services by private investigation agency

Thus, it will not be wrong to say that a complete background check on the people & organizations with whom you make professional connections is a necessity considering the situation of today’s world and crucial for maintaining the hard-earned reputation of your business organization. In daily news, you must have heard about a number of examples where business organizations suffered a great deal due to corporate frauds and scandals. If you have heard about that, don’t you think that timely pre – employment verification of the employees and proper post employment investigation would have at-least helped in minimizing such occurrences?

Taking proper measures before making a decision is not an unnecessary procedure but a step towards protection from harmful elements.

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has been playing a key role as one of the prime detective agencies of this age offering pre-employment and post employment investigation services. Our investigative procedures aim at ensuring complete safety and security of our clients.  

So, if you are also looking for a reliable corporate investigator, reach out to us.

Importance of Detective Agency in Corporate World

Importance of Detective Agency in Corporate World


We are living in 21st century, where even sky is not the limit for us. Every day, we are witnessing some new changes and facing some new challenges in order to develop and grow. Ambition is the only fuel, which drives people towards success. Some people fulfill their ambition through hard work and some people fulfill their ambitions using unfair means like cheating, scamming and by performing fraudulent activities. Sadly, you will find that, more people belong to the latter category in this world. private detective agency

Large number of organizations becomes victim of such people, each and every day. To understand, let’s have a look at some of these situations.

Mr. A is running a successful clothing line, everything is going well, then suddenly he finds out that the designs finalized by him for his upcoming project are already put into display by his competitors; Ms. B is running a  fast food chain, due to managing a huge number of outlets, she doesn’t gets time to be around in a single place for a long time and she doesn’t understand that , how can she get to know whether her staff is responsible, treating the customers well and managing her fast food outlets in a prescribed manner at her absence ; Mr. C hires Mr. X in his firm and after six months to his absolute shock, he finds out that Mr. X has been selling trade secrets to their business rivals.

Did you notice something common in all the above stated examples? People are facing different kinds of issues in their profession life, according to the nature of their profession. Some are facing consequences for their actions and some are in deep dilemma and unsure about the actions to be taken. These examples depict some of the challenges faced by people in the corporate world. There is one thing to fail on your own terms, due to your individual mistakes and there is another thing to fail, because of trusting the wrong person or because of being unaware of the cheap tactics used by your rivals. So, what should be done in this regard? What is the right step to be taken?

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is better to prevent yourself by taking necessary precautions, than repairing the damage after it has happened. This is where City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. comes into the picture. We provide a number of investigative services under the area “CORPORATE INVESTIGATION”.

As you can notice from the above examples, Mr. A’s designs & his ideas were used by his competitors. May be they snooped and eavesdropped the confidential information, by planting a bug at his workplace. Mr. A had been unaware of the immoral intentions of his rivals, but he should have definitely taken some precautions well in advance to curb the possible threats. Mr. A could have reached out to a professional investigator like us, who are skilled in providing TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures), which includes bug sweeping and electronic counter surveillance. We have a team of experienced debugging experts, who are capable of offering excellent counter surveillance services with accuracy and thoroughness.

In case of Ms. B, you can see that she knows that she should do something to keep an eye on her fast food outlets, but she doesn’t know what exactly should be her next step. So in this case she could hire a private investigator and opt for mystery shopping service. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. offers this service to its clients who are mainly retailers, restaurateurs, banks, fast food outlets, hotels, health clubs, movie theaters etc. so that they can know the status of their product quality, service delivery and basically the whole customer experience. This service has helped a number of our corporate clients to know the exact status of their business.

If we talk about Mr. C, we can see that the mistake committed in this situation by him is one of the common ones, an absolutely careless mistake; hiring someone for an important position without properly verifying his/her background. He could have hired a private investigator to verify the authenticity of the details provided by Mr. X.  City Intelligence provides excellent pre-employment investigation and post-employment investigation services to verify the applicant’s credentials and identity.

In short, it is not wrong to say that leading a successful professional life is not easy. There are many challenges, one faces while being a part of the corporate world and it is very important to make right decisions at the right time to emerge victorious from those challenges and City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one such private detective agency which can help you to achieve that.

List of corporate investigation services provided by City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

  • TSCM (electronic sweeping and debugging)
  • Pre & Post employment investigation
  • Employee cheating/ theft cases
  • Asset verification
  • Due diligence
  • Insurance fraud investigation
  • Mystery shopping
  • Risk assessment
  • Copyright infringement investigation
  • Surveillance