Corporate investigative services & Professional life

The choices we make shape the life we live. That is why it is important to choose correctly to be in the path we desire. To have a healthy professional life, it is important to take careful steps at the different stages of one’s career. The corporate world in which we exist today is extremely competitive. The struggle to successfully survive in this intense environment and that too without losing one’s special identity has its own set of challenges.

We, as a private investigation agency offer the following services under corporate investigation. As indicated by the name, these investigative services are useful for dealing with issues relating to one’s professional life. Let’s have a look at each one of them.


Employees are the chief assets of an organization therefore it is important to choose the right kind of people while hiring them. Then, even after hiring qualified candidates as employees it is extremely necessary to monitor them from time to time regarding the work performed by them in their respective roles. It has been rightly said that a healthy and successful organization is not just a one step process, but a result of continuous efforts.

Therefore, we as a detective agency provide both pre-employment investigation and post-employment investigation. Under pre-employment investigation, the credentials of chosen candidates are verified before employing them in important positions and on the other hand, under post-employment investigation, we keep an eye on the existing employees and ensure that no one is causing any threat to the security of the company through their job position.


This is another service under corporate investigation which is highly in demand. “Customer satisfaction” is a key factor to be achieved in this corporate world and the mystery shopping service acts as a perfect tool to measure it.

Yes, retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, grocery store owners and others who want to measure the quality of customer experience in their establishments can use this service. Under mystery shopping, people are sent to these establishments disguised as customers to assess the quality of service provided by these establishments. These so called customers are called “mystery shoppers”. After visiting these locations, they provide their feedback on these establishments from the customer’s point of view. Through this service, business owners can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their establishments and improve accordingly.


Trust between two parties is a fundamental element for forming any business association but can we trust anybody who appears to be skilled and promising in running a business?

No we can’t. Running a business is a huge challenge and it is essential to verify and confirm the other party’s authenticity before setting up any professional partnership with them. Under asset verification investigation, we confirm the existence of assets and liabilities as mentioned by a person. Our vast experience in this field helps us to locate all movable and immovable assets of an organization with utmost effectiveness as possible.


As we have already discussed above, corporate world is really intense and competitive and sometimes things do get too far in such an environment. Some may plant bugs in their competitor’s workplace to snoop and eavesdrop their private conversations. Debugging is the process to handle such cases. The process of debugging simply means locating and removing bugs so as to protect the safety and security of workplace. This is commonly called as “electronic sweeping” or “bug sweeping”.


There are many other services under corporate investigation apart from the above mentioned ones. Some of them include due diligence, employee theft investigation, insurance fraud investigation and copyright infringement investigation etc.

 At last it will not be wrong to say that these services under corporate investigation are nothing but an asset to solve issues relating to professional life. If you are also looking for a dedicated and experienced corporate investigation service then contact us. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. will prove itself to be your best choice.

Debugging through Private Detective Agencies

Why  Debugging  services  are  necessary  these days?

Imagine working on an important business project and then next day you find out that all your designs are being used by the competitors as their own.

How will you feel, Betrayed? Angry? Exploited?

You may even wonder that how did your competitors got hold of your trade secret. The answer is clear, you were bugged!

Bugging is the act of hiding secret camera or microphone in a place, in order to spy on people.  

debugging detectives

So, how can one secure your confidential information ?

Don’t worry, we have a solution.

In order to be safe from such tactics by your competitors, you can use the debugging services  provided by private investigation agencies.

Debugging is the act of removing hidden camera or microphone from a place, so that no secret information gets leaked.

As a person starts getting more and more successful, he also starts making more and more enemies in the form of his business competitors. In this process, some competitors may even indulge in unethical ways in order to get an upper hand. Like spying, snooping, eavesdropping and all by secretly bugging your place, in order to gain the secret of your success. Not only business competitors, even someone you trust, may have indulged in such activity, in order to gain your guarded secret or just to keep tabs on you.

You may not even realize that the small pen you are carrying or the mobile phone you are using so casually is giving signals about your each and every movement to your enemies. Bugs can be there, even in the vehicle you are using to travel every day.

CITY  INTELLIGENCE  is a capable private investigation agency which provides debugging services for its private and corporate clients at affordable costs. We have experienced debugging professionals for providing this service.

So, get prevented by opting for debugging services, before your personal and professional life gets in danger. Why suffer by taking a chance, when you can take precautions beforehand ! Think about it.

TSCM/Debugging Investigation, Anti Surveillance Service in Delhi, India

TSCM/Debugging Investigation, Anti Surveillance Service in Delhi, India


With competition increasing in the business world and technology becoming cheaper big businesses and companies, today, are facing the risk of covert eavesdropping and spying like never before. When people occupying top or key positions in the company are too insecure about their jobs or positions, the chances of the company being snooped upon get higher. DEBUGGING/TSCM in delhi

Though anyone can be an easy target of covert eavesdropping, in today’s high-tech environment, the occupation, financial position or legal situation of some companies put them at a higher risk of being spied upon than others. While surveillance techniques are mostly aimed at protecting people and entities, some may be used as weapons against us in life or in business.


What is debugging

 Bugs refer to any gadget or electronic device that can be used to spy on persons or organizations and document their actions and conversations.

They can also be used to locate a person’s whereabouts and track his movement. These devices are often very tiny, high-tech, effective and difficult to trace. This sophisticated equipment can be used by anyone to secure private and confidential information under all types of situations. The bugs can be planted easily in cellular and land-line phones computers, furnishing, containers, vehicles (in the form of GPS tracker), clothes or any other article. DEBUGGING/TSCM in delhi

Debugging refers to the process of searching, locating and neutralizing such bugs installed in premises, vehicles, computers etc. Debugging is also known as Bug Sweeps, Electronic Bug Sweep or an Electronic Surveillance Sweep. It is an important step of the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures practices ( TSCM).


City Intelligence, a leading investigation agency in Delhi, offers full debugging services for private, business and corporate clients. Our team of experienced debugging experts offers excellent counter surveillance services with utmost accuracy and diligence.

We conduct thorough examinations to detect the presence of a camera or audio surveillance devices in your property, electronic devices, vehicle, cell phones etc. Our team of fully-trained specialist technicians uses top of the range equipment to offer a high-specification sweep service. Our knowledgeable and experienced counter-surveillance team can sweep your home or office quickly and efficiently to ensure that your secrets are not being transmitted to snoopers. We locate the source and places of bugging devices.


How Debugging is helpful To The Society At Large

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a very real service offered to combat a very real problem. Surveillance as a growing industry has started affecting the business and corporate world increasingly. They are subject to the prying eyes of intelligence gathering agents, exposing them to the risk of their secrets becoming public or going in the wrong hands. Surveillance techniques can be used against them in the media, in court or in business.

Electronic surveillance can destroy one’s personal, professional or financial well-being. It can destroy a person’s or organization’s reputation and social image. In extreme cases, it can also pose a threat to a person’s life if he becomes the target of criminal activities.

Effective counter-surveillance measures can give one not only safety, privacy (which is a legal right) and peace of mind but also protect him from prying eyes and unwarranted attention.


corporate debugging

Who faces the risk of electronic surveillance

Virtually everyone, today, faces the risk of electronic surveillance. From a suspecting spouse to a rejected suitor, anyone can use electronic bugs to spy on you. However, some of the groups or companies potentially more at danger of being spied upon are:

  • Journalists, especially those who work in an authoritarian environment
  • Politicians across the entire political spectrum
  • Companies belonging to sensitive or high profile industry
  • Businesses involved in legal cases
  • A company planning reorganization, acquisitions or mergers
  • An organization facing labor problems or union activities
  • When a company is in the process of terminating employees or planning to do so
  • When a person holding a top or key position in the company is leaving
  • A person fighting a divorce case in the court of law
  • When a competitor is stealing your Intellectual Property Right through convenience with your own staff and experts.
  • Complaints and victims of crime to silence their voices.
  • High- profile persons whose public image is to be tarnished.
  • High ranking bureaucrats & politicians.


Different types of electronic bugs are being used today to keep an eye on the victims. During a City Intelligence counter-surveillance operation, we typically search for devices which are concealed and are not easily detectable. These could be:-


  • Micro wireless video devices
  • Telephone taps
  • RF, UHF and VHF wireless transmitters
  • Carrier current devices
  • Laser and infrared eavesdropping devices
  • Wire and microphone taps


These eavesdropping devices can easily capture, record or even transmit audio and video live. However, with the right people, equipment and methodology, these can be detected and deactivated. Additionally, we can also pinpoint the culprits responsible for eavesdropping.


 How is a debugging operation carried out

At City Intelligence, we undertake a detailed physical sweeping of your  premises to :

  1. Detect the presence of technical surveillance devices
  2. Identify technical security weaknesses
  3. Provide remedial measures
  4. Identify culprits


Our expert investigating detectives will visit the location and perform a comprehensive sweep.  Our inspection involves visual, physical, and electronic mechanisms to detect the presence of electronic eavesdropping devices. We will also identify other security weaknesses that may exist in your property. Our team comes equipped with high-tech instruments like


  • Wireless Camera Finder
  • Mobile Phone Jammer
  • Video Jammer
  • Specialized TSCM Softwares
  • Wide Band Communication Receiver
  • Hidden Camera Detector using Infrared
  • Wired Video Detector
  • Wireless Camera Finder


Our anti-surveillance operation is not limited to physical and visual inspection alone. We go a step further to provide full security to our clients. Hence our inspection may also involve one or more of the following:


Radio Frequency Examinations- using Wide Band Communication Receiver a systematic search of the frequency spectrum in 0.5 MHz is done, under this process, to identify all unauthorized frequency examination







Thermo Graphic Inspection – A highly sophisticated procedure which uses the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology to detect small amounts of thermal heat emitting from illicit eavesdropping devices, active or dormant.Thermo Graphic Inspection







Electronic Inspection – This involves the use of a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment to identify and locate hostile signals and other telltale signs emitting from electronic bugs planted in the location. We also survey AC electrical outlets, computer lines, telephone cables, and other telecommunication wires looking for wiretapping and other intercept devices.businessman with laptop in network server room