Benefits of Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

How does a pre-matrimonial investigation by a private detective work & its benefit?

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Marriage detectives (for matrimonial alliance) have to discharge a heavy social responsibility. In arranged marriages by parents only those facts are available as are presented by one party to another.

The real aspects of family values, worth and characters have to be ascertained. Habits and criminal records are to be probed. There is no law to regulate, control or empower a detective in conducting matrimonial The detective has to work within four corners of law to unearth requisite in formation.

Finding must be supported by evidence. Credentials of detective agency can be checked by directly contacting the owners and cross checking references.

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Private investigator examines every thing about the prospective match including habits, nature, evening life; office reputation, previous job histories, credit worthiness; older and current liaisons, affairs and linkages, police record; financial standings; nature of other family members as per neighbors, friends and others; atmosphere in the house; reports of casual workers in the house etc.

While an Indian family spends lakhs of rupees in marriage it is worthwhile to spend a few thousands to enquire about the possible match. There are information available in public domain through casual interviews of knowledge able person workers, colleagues which reflect, the real personality of the prospective match and the families.

The benefits of a through pre-matrimonial verification are worth any expenditure on this exercise as matrimonial discords, divorces and court cases (maintenance, Social stigma etc.) are costlier and ruining in procedure.

How much do detective agencies charge for spying in pre/post matrimonial cases ?

Charges depend on case to case.  But sometimes the customer’s job is made only by getting advice.

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How To Become A Detective or Start a Detective Agency in India

Are You Ready To Become A Detective!

how to become detective

Before we proceed towards basic steps of becoming a detective or starting a detective agency in India you must understand the life of the private detective.

What is the real life of a private detective like?

Private Detective work is a profession and not just a trade. Professionalism demands expertise. First one should have aptitude to become a detective. Then he/she should get orientation training from a good institute.

How to become private detective?

The real life of a detective is so uncertain that it cannot be defined. It is not a regular office hour job. The detective should mentally be ready to work like a 24 X 7 shop- available always, open always. There are thrills, excitements and rewards for solving a case. It is not a risky job for life. But it requires alertness all around.

Procedure to start a detective agency in India?

The procedure or process to start a detective agency is outlined during training. First of all the area in which the agency is to be established must be evaluated to assertion which types of investigation are going to be in demand. The city, the state and location are important.

The detective must be confident, after the orientation and training to deliver results to the client. Some places may not be good for cyber crime investigations or enforcement of intellectual property rights. But may be good for pre-matrimonial investigations. The requirement of the end-user society (clients) is prime consideration in acquiring expertise in that field for starting an agency.

Need To Be Familiar with the Modern Day Technology & Devices!

Spy gadgets are used according to the space and environment. The latest spy gadgets include CREDIT CARD AUDIO RECORDERS (AUTOMATIC ), I-PHONES WITH HIDDEN CAMERA,  AUDIO WALL CLOCK, VIDEO RECORDERS, and many more which you can easily carry with yourself.

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Dawn of Detectives in Delhi-NCR

No. 1 Team Of Detectives In Delhi

Delhi is the National Capital Territory of India and is one of the Union Territory & one of the busiest cities of the world. As per  2011 Population Census, the proper population of Delhi was over 11 Million.

People from all over India are migrating continuously in Delhi from years and it is losing its cultural pre-eminence. Migrations of technocrats from different corners of the planet have certainly uplifted industrialisation, but simultaneously perceive elevation in crime graph of the city. Growth of crime among the flock has definitely arose an alarm call for Detective agencies in Delhi.

A group of private detective

detective in delhi

e agencies in Delhi are working rigorously on Personal Investigations, Corporate Investigations (like Pre/Post Employment Screening, Debugging etc, Cyber Crime Investigations, Loyalty Test, Divorce Cases, Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation, Background surveillance.

Growth of frauds in corporate sectors has bid corporate investigation comprising of post-employment verification, asset check, credit worthiness and due-diligence.

When we are discussing a IT hub metro city of India like Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), the relationship gets a less space. Most of the Detective Agencies in Delhi NCR are having confined clients of IT professional & Businessman who are keen to know if their partners are incorporated into illicit relations.

Detective Agencies in Delhi NCR more vividly indulged in pre-matrimonial investigations to check a suitor’s background because more people are meeting online and families are less involved.



First, you need to understand the costs involved in investigation & it helps you to get the fair deal.

  • Learn about the cost involved in the investigation.
  • Try to ask various investigation agencies for getting the better idea.
  • Avoid cheap operators they can spoil your case.Almost all of you first thing which comes to your mind before choosing a private detective agency in Delhi is the price. This can leads you towards the bitter experience associated with their non-professional investigation services. The fact is hiring a skilled and professional detective can be expensive. The discrete and professional investigation requires latest modern spy equipment & technology along with lots of efforts. So we suggest you do a little bit of research on what your actual needs are, how much they going to cost you.


Learn what investigation costs are involved

There are three basic types of investigation fees offered by City Intelligence.
1. We can charge you Hourly Rates. Depends on the type of service, e.g. finding missing people.
2. We will charge you on the basis of Mileage fees. If investigation in your case involves following a person, then you will be going to charge on the basis of per kilometre and on top of it, the standard hourly rates will apply. Mileage is usually charged from a call out location.
3. Incidental or Situational Charges. Sometimes circumstances and situations will create certain types of scenarios, where we have to go beyond your investigation budget as discussed for your case. But we will inform you first before preceding such actions.

As a Professional investigator, we will help you to learn about the pricing involved during your case’s investigation and didn’t surprise you with more of hidden charges.