Pre-employment screening by Private detective agencies

“Trust” is a five letter word but its value is far greater than that. In business, trust acts as a significant element for taking important decisions.  When you trust someone you prefer them more than others and you truly believe in their capabilities. On that note, let us ask think about something.

  When it comes to today’s world, can we trust others easily?

The answer is “NO”. Everybody is not the same, so one has to take important steps to completely verify the authenticity of a person before forming any kind of association with them. In our cooperate world, when it comes to employing someone new in the organization, a lot of factors are necessary to be looked into for the purpose of confirmation.

So, this is our main subject of this blog post – “PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING”.  Let’s see more about this.


Pre-employment screening simply means conducting a complete verification of the potential candidates before hiring them in important positions of an organization.

We all know that employees are a driving force behind an organization’s performance therefore one has to be extremely careful while hiring new employees. Employees should be up to the standards because their actions will impact the performance of the organization in one way or other.

Under Pre-employment screening, we mainly investigate on the following aspects:-

  • Details about the candidate’s identity
  • Education qualifications
  • Records about previous employment and experience gained by the candidate
  • Criminal Background (if any)
  • Details about the candidate’s family
  • Other necessary information relating to the candidate

These details are important to get a complete picture about the overall personality and character of the candidate.

We know that every employer wants to employ a person who is reliable, skilled and capable of converting the objectives of the business into a reality. To hire such a person, a thorough pre- employment screening is a perfect tool.

For excelling in something, one needs to have a complete understanding about the concept. A professional detective agency like us (City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.) have an experience of more than two decades with a wonderful track record of handling cases relating to pre-employment investigation.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits provided by Pre-employment screening:-

Helps in proper assessment of selected candidates:-

You may come across huge number of people in a day, but if you had to evaluate them to know about their true self…How would you begin? By getting details about their identity isn’t it?

That is why pre-employment screening includes confirming the identity of the selected candidates. Verification of the candidate’s identity eventually helps to properly assess them. When a candidate becomes employee, he gets associated with the duties and responsibilities relating to his job. His efficiency rewards the entire business organisation and similarly, his mistakes affect the whole business. So, to avoid hiring people with deceitful purpose, pre-employment screening is a significant process for proper assessment of selected candidates.

Helps in reducing unwanted employee turnover:-

When faced with unwanted employee turnover, you may regret a lot about your past decisions and think that how you may have taken more efforts to choose the right person for the job. So, to deal with such situations, we would like to say that pre-employment screening is an efficient way to reduce unwanted employee turnover as under this process, essential details regarding the selected candidates are thoroughly verified and evaluated. Thus, by properly learning about your selected candidates for the job, you can make a better choice while choosing them in the beginning and in this way you can eventually avoid unwanted employee turnover in the future.

Helps in hiring qualified candidates with good character:-

As we have mentioned above, hiring employees for a job is a task with huge responsibility. Any kind of carelessness in this process can produce disastrous results. Under pre-employment screening, information relating to education qualification, previous experience and other information relating to a candidate is gathered so that overall assessment can be made regarding his ability and potential. Cross-checking his background information is helpful to get some idea about his character. In short, when the objective is to hire qualified candidates with good character, then pre-employment screening is the key to accomplish it.

Helps to ensure overall safety and security:-

Ensuring safety and security of the workplace is the most important objective for very employer. Therefore, when hiring a new employee it is crucial to verify all about his background including criminal history (if any) to know more about him. You don’t want a violent person who can cause disputes and initiate toxic mentality among other employees isn’t it? Pre-employment screening covers collecting all the important information relating to a person’s history including criminal history, so that a wise choice can be made while hiring new people. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that pre-employment screening helps to ensure overall safety and security of the work place.

Things that corporate groups need to know about Private investigators

There are many corporate groups out today, which are a huge source of inspiration to all of us. Time and again, we have seen examples that have proved to us that in order to maintain a successful professional life, hard work, ingenuity, determination, dedication and of course, competitive spirit are some of the essential requirements because these are the factors which helps one to survive in the long run.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are one of the prime investigation agencies of our time with an experience of more than two decades. As a service provider, we know that in order to create a remarkable place in the industry, one has to properly maintain their organization along with creating it to be one of the best.

In addition to personal investigation, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is also involved in dealing with the corporate investigation which focuses on providing essential investigative services required for issues relating to one’s corporate life. We know, as a part of this society we all want to maintain a fulfilling professional life along with personal life and we cannot ignore the one for the other. They are like two sides of the same coin and they both hold significant value in one’s life. 

On that note, here we are going to discuss some of the common services provided by us for corporate groups. Some of the corporate groups may have used services by a private investigation agency at one point or other and some may have never used them at all. Whether you belong to the first category or the latter one, it doesn’t matter because this article focuses on the future opportunities not on the previous actions. Let’s have a look at some of the services provided by private investigators for corporate groups so that we can understand how corporate investigative services can benefit corporate groups in the long run.


This is one commonly used service by corporate groups. As the name suggests, it involves conducting a proper investigation on the selected candidates before hiring them as employees in an organization. It is a kind of background screening where we focus on some of the key areas like identity verification, education, previous experience and family background etc. There are people around us who may not always consider ethical and morally acceptable ways to get ahead in the society. There are people who may even provide misleading information about themselves in their CV’s in order to get employed. Pre-employment investigation is like a preventive measure against the people who participate in such activities. Consider it like a filtering process before hiring suitable candidates for a job.


This is also one of the services provided by us for corporate groups, though some may not use it as commonly as pre-employment investigation. Many believe that using pre-employment investigation is enough to ensure security of an organisation but is it though?

Are you wondering what post-employment investigation is all about?

As per the name, post-employment investigation simply means keeping an eye on the activities of the staff members after their employment in the organization. It is necessary to check the activities of the employees even after hiring them because growth of business organisation depends on continuous monitoring and management. It is not just a one-time thing.

A business organization’s performance depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees hired which makes conducting post-employment investigation in an organisation as an important step. Through this service, one can monitor their employees and the activities performed by them, so that if any deviations are found in their actions then effective measures can be taken to correct it. Under this process, private investigators aim to ensure complete protection of company’s data base and other confidential details.


This is one of the popular services under corporate investigation. As we have already discussed above, every successful organization requires continuous monitoring and regulation to keep everything in order and on that note, we can say that mystery shopping is a very useful service for that purpose. Under mystery shopping service, mystery shoppers are sent to the establishment (who opts for this service) to observe the place and to note key factors about its working like price charged for the goods, staff interaction, quality of the goods sold by them etc. All the observations are recorded from a customer’s point of view and then it is reported back to the owners of the establishment so that they can know about the actual position of their business.


Under this investigation, private investigators find out about all the movable and immovable assets owned by a company so that corporate groups can know about the people they are dealing with. It is risky to associate with other corporate entities without properly verifying their actual status and that is why, asset verification is immensely useful for that purpose.


Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are many other services under corporate investigation provided by private investigators. Some of the other service include due diligence, employee theft, copyright infringement investigation, bug-sweeping, surveillance and insurance fraud investigation etc.

This was all about the important services which are provided by private investigators for corporate groups.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are also looking for a professional investigator to deal with the above mentioned corporate issues then don’t wait. Reach out to us.

5 reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone

What kind of a person should be hired in an organisation?

We are sure that you may have many answers for this but most importantly you may believe that a good hiring decision involves employing someone who can add value to the organisation and be an asset for the employer and not a liability, isn’t it?

Recruiting someone can be a huge responsibility because a lot of factors are necessary to be considered while hiring someone. Choosing the most perfect candidate out of many alternatives is not an easy task. An organisation’s success is hugely dependent upon the people who work there and that makes the process of hiring even more crucial. Therefore, we present you, one of the most important categories of corporate investigation which can be extremely useful in this case. Yes… we are talking about none other than “PRE-EMPLOYMENT INVESTIGATION

Pre-employment investigation simply means conducting a comprehensive investigation on the selected candidates who have applied for a job in an organisation. This investigation is done to verify their details before hiring them in the organisation. Pre-employment investigation is turning out to be one of the most sought after investigations of all times due its necessity in the corporate world.

To have a deep look into this subject, we have enlisted five major reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone:-

Identity confirmation:

Identity is necessary to be known when you are considering that person to become a part of your organisation. There are people who may even lie about their identity and hide their true selves, if they have committed any morally questionable things in their life. Thus, pre-employment investigation is a kind of protection against such people who may try to deceive you & your organisation with a fake identity. This investigation provides you some basic idea about their background, so that you can properly judge a person before hiring them in your organisation.

Verification of the qualification:

Qualifications are not just mere conditions required for a job but they are also an indicator of a person’s capability with respect to the job applied. We are living in a competitive age where people do everything in their power to get ahead of others even if it involves lying about their qualifications. You know what happens then, don’t you?

If they get hired, they will ultimately sabotage the workings of their organization through their incompetency and ineptness.

Thus, it’s better to be safe from such people through a detailed qualification check which comes under pre-employment investigation.

Criminal history (if any):

As an employer, you should know what kind of people you are hiring because your organisation will ultimately bear the consequences for the actions of your employee. Through pre-employment investigation, you can have a brief look at a candidate’s past before hiring him/her in your organization. Under this investigation, you can also use criminal background check to know if the candidate has ever been involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Previous employment & experience:

You may have heard that we all should learn from history as it teaches us new things, helps us to avoid making further mistakes in the present and guides us to create a better future. Then you can imagine that how it is extremely significant for the employers to have a proper knowledge about their employee’s history. Through pre-employment investigation, you can get details about a candidate’s previous employment (if any) and his/her experience with respect to the job applied by him/her. You can also verify the authenticity of their previous salary.

Other important details:

Apart from all the above mentioned factors, you can also know about other necessary details regarding the candidate applying for the job. By other details, we mean information relating to marital status, medical history and overall personality traits etc.

Now, you may have understood about the importance of hiring the right person for an organisation and how pre-employment investigation can ensure that. We believe that when the time comes, you will make the right decision.



It is often said that truth sets you free. Knowing the truth can prevent you from taking wrong and disastrous decisions. It can save your life and protect you from misfortunes, and sometimes, dangerous situations.private detective in delhi

But the truth is also evasive and not easy to ascertain or comprehend. With life becoming more complex and urban life covering every individual in a cloud of anonymity and mystery, it is not easy to know the truth of a person, however, close he may be to you.

This is where private investigation can help you and protect you from potential danger. From pre and post-marital investigation to corporate investigation, a growing number of Indians are seeking the help of private detectives or investigative agencies to check up on a prospective bride, groom or employee.



 Private investigation plays a critical role not only in pre and post-marital investigation but also in many other areas like solving criminal cases, evidence collection,  teenage monitoring, personal investigation, and employee investigation.


Pre Marriage Investigation

One of the areas where people are seeking more and more help of private investigation agencies is pre-marital investigation. Private investigation is matrimonial detective agency in delhi ncrgenerally taken up to check on a suitor’s background, financial position, social status, lifestyle, character, past relationships, job/ business and sometimes even medical conditions.


As more and more alliances are being fixed through online portals and involvement of friend and families is becoming lesser, it becomes essential to check facts about the prospect. In most cases, families do not know the prospective bride/groom personally and fear the chances of some uncomfortable truths coming to surface later on.


The nature and scope of investigation in case of matrimonial investigation are very wide and research involves online searches, inquiries through the social circle use of technology and on-the-spot surveillance. With a thorough investigation of the prospective groom or bride, one can be more sure about one’s future life partner.


Working With The Police and The State

Private investigators can prove to be of immense help to the police and state investigative agencies. As is often the case in our country, when police departments are understaffed, many criminal cases remain unsolved. A private investigator can help dig in new information, bring fresh evidence and throw light on unsolved mysteries.

This may help solve a case faster and may bring the actual culprit to book, may save someone from false accusations and may bring in justice for the victim before it is too late.

Benefits for Lawyers

For lawyers contesting a case in the courts, a private investigator can prove to be an important asset, especially in more complicated or serious cases.

Employee background check

With companies grow in size, the need to recruit talented people from all parts of the country is also growing. This puts companies at a greater risk of hiring EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION CHECKthe wrong candidate. A thorough background investigation of the prospective employee helps in ascertaining not only criminal and other background but also competence, qualification, and possible troubled history. It helps in verifying the claims made in the employee’s CV and encourages the selection of the one who is best suited for your company or business.


Evidence Collection

Evidence gathered by a hired private investigator can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Evidence collection is the most crucial step Evidence Collectionin winning any court case, whether civil or criminal. A private investigator can search public records, interview people and verify facts to collect information which may prove crucial for one to win a  case. He can help one find key witnesses, collect evidence and gather other information required to win the case.



Financial Investigation

When big companies plan to do large financial transactions, they find it safe toFinancial Investigation hire private investigating agencies to collect financial information of the individuals or entities involved. Many of these investigators work closely with investment bankers and concerned accountants or firms to unearth the truth.



Cases of missing children and adults

Private sleuths have an important role to play in cases like absconding or MISSING PERSONmissing people, elopement and loan default. A private sleuth can help trace easily if a person is actually missing or is hiding deliberately to avoid repayment of a loan. He can access databases, interview friends, neighbors, acquaintances etc. and use public records to find the missing information. In the process, he can uncover a new name, address, and contact details if the person is deliberately hiding.


Cyber Investigation

Misuse of technology for personal gain is becoming common giving rise to Cyber Investigationcyber crimes. Cyber threats range from copyright infringement and counterfeiting to online extortion and defamation. A discreet investigation can not only help the client find out the culprit but also protect himself from unwanted attention.


Investigation related to corporate frauds

Sometimes in big organizations and giant companies, people holding key positions may get involved in illegal or unethical practices. There may also be corporate fraud investigationpeople passing information of a confidential and critical nature to competitors or outsiders. There can also be attempts by some employees or even outsiders to malign the company or indulge in anti-management activities. Misappropriation of funds in return for a commission from suppliers and vendors is also not uncommon. Such activities related to illegal commissions, inventory losses, willful omissions and disclosures of classified information etc. are investigated under corporate frauds.

Post matrimonial investigation and teenage monitoring

If you have faced situations where the activities of your spouse have raised TEENAGE MONITORINGyour suspicion, then hiring a private sleuth or agency may help you. Proper surveillance and shadowing may help bring out the truth. It may help you either get rid of your doubts or may help you take corrective action, as the case may be.

With teenagers spending a lot of time away from home, in the company of friends and, sometimes, even strangers whom they meet on social sites, it has become all the essential for parents to keep a close watch on their activities and give them the necessary protection and guidance. A private investigative agency can help track a teenager’s activities to find out if he/she is involved in activities like drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships etc and help parents find the truth about their children.