It is one thing to trust your partner, because you genuinely believe that your partner will never betray you and there is another thing to intentionally be in the state of ignorance when all the signs which prove the deceitfulness of your partner are right in front of you?

If you are one of those people, deliberately standing in the dark, then it is high time for you to face the light. You totally deserve to know the truth, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you.

This kind of situation can happen either before marriage or after marriage and the investigation which deals with this kind of situation is called Matrimonial Investigation.

If you enquire about your prospective life partner before marriage through professional detective agencies, then such an investigation can be termed as pre-matrimonial investigation and the same type of investigation conducted on your spouse i.e. after marriage, can be termed as post- matrimonial investigation.

If you feel that your relationship with your partner is slowly crumbling and in this situation, you may think that everything may get sorted in your life on its own, but as they say every problem needs an action and an effort to be solved. Hiring a good private detective agency may be the right action on your part to reach towards the deep end of your problem.

A good private detective agency will try to gather each and every detail of your partner, leaving no stone unturned, from its wide range of trusted sources. It will provide you a detailed report on the investigation conducted, with as many proofs as possible supporting their results.

CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD. is one such detective agency, which specializes in this area. It understands that people seek the services of detective agencies with great hope and expectations. It knows that it would be really hard for people to open about their personal problems to an outsider and that is why utmost care is taken while proceeding with these investigations, in order to accomplish it as smoothly as possible. So, basically City Intelligence is a perfect combination of sharp skills, knowledge and incredible professionalism, which people can trust, just like they trust their family member or a close friend.

City Intelligence also takes enough measures to protect the identity of its clients, because it understands that if identity of its client gets revealed in any way during the middle of the investigative procedure, it can cause damage beyond repair in the whole investigation as well as in the personal life of the client.

The process of investigation depends upon the situation of each and every client. Here, in this case, it depends upon the fact that whether pre-matrimonial investigation or post-matrimonial investigation is needed to be conducted for the client. City Intelligence takes all the essential factors about the case into account and designs the best possible course of action for its clients.

At the last, it would not be wrong to say that there are still many people in this day and age, who will readily choose to accept the lies, instead of facing the truth, but such an attitude cannot be helpful in the long term and can only result in heartache and sorrow. So, if you are one among such people, now is the time to leave the denial mode and to take control of your present as well as your future.

6 reasons to choose private detectives before marriage

Like every other journey in life, marriage can be joyful, adventurous, fun-filled, challenging and of course rewarding if you have a right partner by your side. In this day and age where people often hide their true intentions & identity from others, it can be quite difficult to know whether you have made a right choice or not while selecting your life partner.

That is why, pre matrimonial investigation is essential to confirm the identity of your prospective life partner. Pre matrimonial investigation is a type of investigation, which aims at verifying the necessary details of the prospective groom or bride.

This kind of investigation before marriage is becoming a necessity these days, due to the changing scenario of our society.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are still some people among us, who consider using private detectives for pre matrimonial investigation service as a waste of time and money.

If you are also unconvinced about the necessity for pre matrimonial investigation, we present you six major reasons which indicates, why one should choose private detectives before marriage:-

  • To know about the previous relationships (if any):-

Everybody has a past but there are certain things which you cannot accept from a life partner and it will be really awful and painful, if you get to know such things after your marriage. “Knowledge about his/her past relationships” comes under one of those things. Through pre matrimonial investigation, you can know whether the person you are going to marry had any previous relationships or still involved in any love affair. Some may say that they don’t need this to be investigated as they trust their partner, but getting a confirmation from an unbiased source (like a private detective agency) can cause no harm. If everything turns out to be fine about your prospective life partner, then such an investigation will only give you some extra confidence on your choice.

Thorough inspection about past relationship (if any) under Pre matrimonial investigation
  •  To get confirmation about the employment status:-

Having a good job is significant for a better life, but lying about one’s employment status is completely unacceptable. Character of the person whom you are going to marry is really important and you certainly don’t want a liar as your life partner, isn’t it?

Through pre matrimonial investigation, you can know about the employment status of your prospective life partner. Not only that, you can also verify about the office address and his/her position in the office, so that you can get a better understanding of the person whom you have decided to marry.

  •  Verification of identity:-

Commanding your mobile phones through your speech, getting your favourite items from all over the world through just few clicks, video chatting with your international friends from your house…yes! that’s digital age, my friends. Advancement in technology has gifted us with many benefits but there are some disadvantages too. You cannot entirely believe each and every one in the internet especially not when you are choosing your life partner through it.

Yes, we understand that in this digital age many people prefer using matrimonial websites and various match making apps in order to search of true love and if other things feel right, they may even marry that person eventually but you cannot ignore that there are some people in the online community, who fake their identity to dupe others. You must have heard – “All that glitters is not gold” and that is definitely true in this case.

 You cannot be suspicious of each and every one who comes under your contact but you can definitely try to take a preventive measure before forming any close relationship like marriage. Yes! Pre matrimonial investigation is that preventive measure which we are talking about. Through pre matrimonial investigation you can verify the identity of the person whom you are going to marry because it is better to be safe than sorry.

  •  Habits:-

Life is already a mixture of twists and turns and if you decide to get a life partner, we are sure that you want someone who can share your happiness as well as pain and not someone who is a prisoner of his/her own bad habits. Pre matrimonial investigation can help you to know if your prospective life partner is an alcoholic, habitual drug user or a smoker etc. so that you are fully aware about the person whom you have decided to marry.

  • Personality & overall character traits:-

 They say, “Beauty attracts the eyes but personality captures the heart!” and it is a truly profound statement, don’t you think?

Personality determines almost everything about a person and that is why we all have certain expectations in that area, when it comes to choosing a life partner. There are all kinds of people in this world. Some are shy, introverted, reserved while some are outspoken, friendly, extroverts and there are some who are a healthy combination of these traits. Pre matrimonial investigation can help you to know more about your prospective life partner in this regard.

  •    Other essential details:-

There are also some other factors which should be known about your prospective    life partner to confirm that whether his/her statements match the reality or not.    Criminal background, medical background and family background are some of the    essential details which should be verified well in advance. Using pre matrimonial    investigation is a good way to cover all these aspects.

These were some of the major reasons which highlights the need for choosing private detectives before marriage. At last, we would like to say that:

“Pre matrimonial investigation is nothing but a way of confirmation, so that you don’t become another victim of lies and deception”




“Peace and stability”, this is what every person desires in his personal as well as in professional life. But, it is not very easy to achieve this, as there is so much uncertainty and stress in our everyday life. We need to take certain precautions to stay ahead and alert from those who are planning to create discrepancy & conflicts in our every-day life and in our hard earned success. This is where PRIVATE DETECTIVES comes to our rescue.

The word “private detective” has evolved a lot, if we consider our present day scenario. Basically, their work has been the same, which is to “gather information”. But, the ways in which they operate has changed a lot and evolved in true sense, as they are starting to engage in a variety of work.

 There used to be a time, when  most people knew private detectives only as some  mysterious characters appearing in movies, TV shows and books, even though, private detective agencies have existed from the early 1800’s. Many of us didn’t know that the first private detective agency was founded by Eugène François Vidocq in Paris at around 1833. 

It is true that the idea of dedicated detectives didn’t arise immediately around the world. It took some time for private detectives to create a certain image and trust in the eyes of society, which is not a shocking fact because if someone among us starts acting like a police officer, trying to solve complicated cases in order to help people, even though he is not obliged to do so, what will you think in such a case? You will wonder what he is getting out of all this. Will he actually help people or is he just trying to fool people? These kinds of questions can arise in anybody’s mind. To prove those allegations wrong, private detectives have proved their importance in our society during all these years and they are still doing so.

If we take a look at the history, private investigators started their job as a way to help those people who were unwilling to go to the law enforcement officials with their problems. While beginning their journey in this area, they have formulated a lot of theories and methods for finger print identification and other methods of criminology, ballistics and other techniques relating to forensic science.

Now, with time the image of private detectives has changed globally. It’s 2019 and most of us are aware about the existence and need of private detectives and how they are serving our society. Now- a- days every private investigator is taking cases according to his specific expertise and knowledge. Some private investigation firms are dealing only in tracing, some are getting involved, only with matrimonial investigations and some others are dealing only with corporate affairs. In this way, every private detective is specializing in his own particular area and helping people at the same time.

Private investigation services are expected to reach around $6.4 billion globally in 2021. If we see in India, the growth rate is already around 30% annually and it is expected to reach 1700 crores by 2020.

Now, at this point of time people are relying more and more on these services than ever before. As we are living in a competitive age, there are many instances, where our privacy is at stake and there is a possibility of our confidential information to be leaked and used as a dangerous weapon by others. It will not be wrong to say that the people in our society are becoming wise enough to know that if:

  • They are facing any discrepancy while handling their corporate affairs, they need to consult a corporate investigator.
  • · They are looking for a matrimonial alliance, they should investigate about the bridegroom/ bride through a matrimonial investigator, before taking things forward.

    and so on.

The point is, that now-a-days people do realize that there are different kinds of private investigators, for different kinds of problems and sometimes, a single private investigation agency deals with all these type of problems. They do realize that it is a wise decision to consult them.

detective agency in india

The figure shown above, depicts only some common services provided by private detectives, if we see today the services provided by private detectives are far more expanded versions of the above mentioned ones and many other services in order to help the people in need.

Private Detective Agencies also work hand in hand with law enforcement officials in certain cases.



Atlast, we can say that private detective and investigation agencies  have covered a long path and they have created so much respect and recognition for themselves in the eyes of society .They are turning to be one of the most sought after profession among today’s youth, which is truly appreciable and marvelous. A child who has a special knack for solving puzzles and riddles, from a young age and has a passion and hunger for truth and justice in his adulthood should definitely try to make his own mark in this profession.

Now pan- India network is available if the Agency has credentials, credibility and a platform of recognized association. In India the Association of Private Detectives and Investigation is available. Likewise other nations have their own associations at local level. Then again, there are other international associations like World Association of Detectives and Confederation of International Investigations. Membership of this association, by itself, is a certificate of trustworthiness. These associations try to maintain ethical practices in this profession of private investigation and they also maintain mutual feeling of trust and friendship among all the private investigation agencies across the world.


In the era where, females are shining in each and every field, the profession of private detective is also not far behind. There are many successful female detectives, who have created a special place for themselves in this field, with their hard work and strong determination.

Thus, at last it should be noted that the profession which was started on a small scale, to help people has grown at a wide range. In the beginning, people were not so certain about the abilities of the private detectives and a large proportion of people hesitated to take their service, now people are going to the private detectives on their own in order to seek help, because they know certain things can be well handled only by professionals. Hesitation and uncertainty has been replaced with trust and respect. This is the true evolution achieved by detective agencies.

Benefits of Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

How does a pre-matrimonial investigation by a private detective work & its benefit?

matrimonial detective agency in delhi ncr

Marriage detectives (for matrimonial alliance) have to discharge a heavy social responsibility. In arranged marriages by parents only those facts are available as are presented by one party to another.

The real aspects of family values, worth and characters have to be ascertained. Habits and criminal records are to be probed. There is no law to regulate, control or empower a detective in conducting matrimonial The detective has to work within four corners of law to unearth requisite in formation.

Finding must be supported by evidence. Credentials of detective agency can be checked by directly contacting the owners and cross checking references.

matrimonial investigations

Private investigator examines every thing about the prospective match including habits, nature, evening life; office reputation, previous job histories, credit worthiness; older and current liaisons, affairs and linkages, police record; financial standings; nature of other family members as per neighbors, friends and others; atmosphere in the house; reports of casual workers in the house etc.

While an Indian family spends lakhs of rupees in marriage it is worthwhile to spend a few thousands to enquire about the possible match. There are information available in public domain through casual interviews of knowledge able person workers, colleagues which reflect, the real personality of the prospective match and the families.

The benefits of a through pre-matrimonial verification are worth any expenditure on this exercise as matrimonial discords, divorces and court cases (maintenance, Social stigma etc.) are costlier and ruining in procedure.

How much do detective agencies charge for spying in pre/post matrimonial cases ?

Charges depend on case to case.  But sometimes the customer’s job is made only by getting advice.

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