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Due Diligence

Due Diligence Detective For Due Diligence Investigation in Delhi

Properly verifying your associate’s credibility is not an absurdity! It is not wrong to take every decision with certainty and clarity.

About due diligence investigation service:

Both in personal as well as professional life, we make different types of connections and associations. Some decisions are made after careful consideration and some are made hastily, which we even regret later on. That is why, it is said that “Prevention is better than cure”. It is better to take every action with certainty, proper verification and clarification in advance so that the results of such actions are not regrettable and painful in the future. This is the main idea behind “Due Diligence Investigation”.

Basically, Due Diligence is the process of investigation which involves studying and verifying the details of the opposite party, so as to confirm their true identity. It involves completely inspective their details through professional means, so as to get a thorough idea about them. The necessity to gather all the significant information about our alliances before making any major decision regarding them explains the necessity for due diligence investigation in this present time and age.

Benefits Of Due Diligence Investigation:-

It helps to detect the risks and problems associated with forming associations with the individual/firm.
It provides a transparent picture about the opposite party.
It helps in avoiding problematic individuals/firms who can hinder the safety and security in future.
It helps to be adequately prepared about the opposite party.
By knowing about the opposite party in advance, one can make such associations which will protect their brand value and reputation in the long run.

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Journey of service delivery with city intelligence:

❖ Case Analysis
Client’s case will be properly studied and examined from all aspects. Every major and minor factor of the case will be given utmost attention. We will confirm the scope of due diligence investigation required by our client as part of our case analysis stage, so that our strategies can be drawn as per their requirement. If the due diligence is conducted for professional need, then in such cases gaining the knowledge about type and operations performed by the opposite firm becomes extremely necessary to analyse the case in a thorough manner.

❖ Investigation Strategy
After accurately understanding the requirements of client, our team will formulate an effective investigation strategy to conduct our process. Our strategy will be dependent upon the individual scenario of each and every case. While drawing strategies, we will make sure that our approach is goal oriented and time oriented without compromising on the confidentiality of our client.
As a professional service provider, we truly understand that our associations have the power to make or break us, if one fails to identify the potential risks of such associations in advance. Therefore, our strategies will be clear-cut and efficient to deal with the major requirements of our clients.

❖ Intelligence Gathering
Intelligence gathering will be mainly based on the elements present in each and every case. We are an investigation agency of present times and therefore we use latest gadgets and up to date technology pieces to conduct our procedures with ease. Our mode of gathering intelligence will be professional and well-defined so that all the relevant aspects of the business firm/individual can be verified with utmost accuracy and precision. We understand that all your further decisions will be based on the due diligence conducted and therefore our every procedure will be conducted with the highest degree of dedication and care.

❖ Report To Clients
Business enterprises can suggest us a uniform format to collect the relevant data or if the client prefers, we can also deliver our findings in our own format to present our report. Relevant photographs from our investigation will be accompanied with the investigation report to provide necessary evidence to our clients. Our report will be clearly defined to present our observations and detections in the understandable manner.

❖ Resolution Of Case
Conclusions from the case will be drawn so that the client can know the exact status of their requirements & suspicions. Fulfillment of the client requirement as per the pre-conducted discussion and case-meetings marks the resolution of a case

Our due diligence team performs:

Business Due Diligence
Corporate Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence
Investment Due Diligence
Commercial Due Diligence
Asset purchase Due Diligence
Matrimonial Due Diligence

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