Do you know these things about mystery shoppers?

As we all know, “Mystery shopping” has been one of the most wanted investigative services of recent times.

Every organisation needs to maintain its quality of goods and services in order to achieve customer satisfaction as satisfying the customer is the ultimate goal for every business organisation. There are many business establishments around us like hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets, fast food joints and movie halls etc. where providing good customer service is a huge determining factor for its success. This means that customer satisfaction is a key objective for business establishments to survive in the industry.

How is mystery shopping related to this objective?

Mystery shopping relates to this objective by acting as a perfect tool to evaluate the working of a business establishment from a customer’s perspective.

On evaluating the business establishment, actual state of its working can be realized. If any flaws are found in its operation then steps can be taken by the owner of the business (the one who opts for mystery shopping service) to correct it.

Let’s have a deep look at the process of mystery shopping service.

Under this investigative service, mystery shoppers (as per the requirement of the case) are sent to the business establishment (the one which needs to be evaluated) to oversee its operation in all the important areas like staff interaction with customers, professionalism of the staff members with respect to their job, quality of the commodities on display, qualities of the goods & services sold, price charged for goods and services from the costumers and staff compliance with other policies and regulations of the business organization.

 As we can see from this process of investigation, Mystery shoppers play a crucial role in conducting the overall process of mystery shopping.

Let’s have a brief look at the concept of Mystery shoppers to learn more about them.

Mystery shoppers are people who are trained to observe and record the significant areas of a business establishment posing as a customer. Their feedback is important to know about a business from the customer’s point of view.

Other facts about mystery shoppers

  • Mystery shoppers are also called secret shoppers. As we can see, this name indicates the nature of their profession and how display of covert behaviour is a huge part of this job.
  •  Mystery shoppers are required to have a keen eye for detail, as it is a very important quality for successfully evaluating a business. Their detail oriented, honest report about their experience can shed some light on previously hidden factors and help the company to take appropriate measures for improving it.
  • Good communication skills (both oral & written) are also an important quality possessed by a mystery shopper. A mystery shopper has to interact a lot with the staff of the business establishment as a part of their job and for interacting in a subtle manner without revealing their actual identity, it is important for mystery shoppers to have a good command over their communication skills.
  • Apart from reviewing the quality of products & services as well as monitoring the staff interaction, mystery shoppers also observe the other important aspect of staff behaviour. Yes! We are talking about staff’s compliance with the policy and regulations prescribed by an organization. Many people may not be aware about this but if you want to know whether your employees are working according to the rules and regulations set by your organization then opting for mystery shopping service is a good idea to oversee their level of adherence.
  • A mystery shopper is paid a certain amount to visit the business establishment and assess it accordingly. Becoming a mystery shopper is a good option for those who are genuinely interested about this concept and prepared to deal with all the elements involved in this profession.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are one of the foremost mystery shopping service providers of our time. So, if you are in need of our services then reach out to us through phone or email.

How is mobile hacking harmful and How Can It affect a person?

Cellular phone hacking refers to third party access to a person’s mobile phone without his knowledge, with the intent of stealing information. Mobile hacking can be legal or illegal depending on who is doing the hacking. For example, law enforcement agencies and governments often use mobile hacking methods to monitor and catch criminals and dissidents.

The story of Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation

Here is a story of how mobile hacking can ruin lives and even lead to crimes like murder.

The employees of News of the World, owned by Rupert Murdoch were accused of engaging in phone hacking and other activities like police bribery in the pursuit of stories. Preliminary investigations between 2005 and 2007 showed that the phone hacking activities of the newspaper were mainly targeted at film stars, politicians, and members of the British royal family.

Further investigations revealed that the phone of a schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, who was murdered was also hacked. Other shocking revelations that came to light showed that phones of relatives of deceased British soldiers and victims of the  2005 London bombings were also hacked.

 The resulting public outcry led to the closure of the 168 year old tabloid. The trial cost the company a whooping 100million British Pounds.  Several people occupying top positions in News Corporation along with Rupert Murdoch were forced to resign.

This story is sufficient to highlight the threats of phone hacking and the havoc it can create.

Why is phone hacking harmful ?

  • It is an illegal activity in most cases
  • It can seriously harm an individual’s privacy
  • Unauthorized access to private information is not good for the targeted person.
  • Criminals can use it to their advantage

The hacker may view data stored on your mobile, broadcast your location or send messages to your contacts under your name.

What Can Mobile Phone Hacking Accomplish?

A mobile hacking can be dangerous as it can heavily compromise with your privacy. Here is what mobile hacking does to you:  

GPS: Most mobile handsets have a GPS chip embedded within the phone through which a hacker can determine your location. He can, thus, find out places you visit. He can keep an eye on your movement 24×7.

Voicemail: A hacker can make a call to your wireless provider to access voicemail and other functions. The providers permit a cell phone user to use the “skip pass word” option. This allows the hacker to bypass the password entry to get access to functions like checking your voicemail. Hackers dial in and trick the automated system into thinking it’s your phone. This way they can change your password, listen to you voicemail and make other changes.

Access to contact list: A hacker can get access to your contact list and download it.

Getting general personal information: The hacker can get access to your text messages, pictures, video and other private stuff. All these can then be stolen and, in extreme cases, can also be used to blackmail the victim.

Monetary losses: With more and more banking transactions being done through the cell phone, hacking also makes you vulnerable to bank and monetary frauds. A hacker can steal your password, bank details and digital payment details to steal money from you.

Speakerphone or Spy cam: This is a dangerous type of hacking where your phone can be hijacked and the camera or speakerphone of the handset be used to spy on you visually and audibly.

How mobile hacking can affect organizations

Mobile hacking is dangerous not just for an individual but also an organization. If hacker can hack the mobile of someone occupying a senior position in a corporate house, he can use the information to damage the company significantly. Here’s how:

Reduced Privacy

A lot of online activity is now shifting to mobile phones. Smart phones are being used not just for communication, but all sort of activities like sending mails and bank transactions to name a few. A hacker with access to your email, contact list, client information, communication records, personal photographs and videos can seriously affect your privacy. An organization can lose significantly if such data related to an employee occupying a high position in the company, is leaked out in the public.

Harmed Reputation

Organizations that get hacked also stand the chance of losing reputation over time. Harm of reputation can wreck havoc for an organization. These organizations also stand to lose business after some time due to harmed reputations.

Phone hacking has taken place on an industrial scale in the last several years. The targets of phone hacking have not just been celebrities but also ordinary individuals.

Phone hacking involves gross violation of an individual’s privacy and loss of autonomy over private information. It can cause huge anxiety, distress, and embarrassment. In extreme cases it has led to broken relationships and illnesses too.

In case you are worried about the privacy of your mobile data, the best thing to do would be to get it checked by an expert. At City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based investigation agency, we are offering a free check of your mobile to know if it is hacked or safe.

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Things that corporate groups need to know about Private investigators

There are many corporate groups out today, which are a huge source of inspiration to all of us. Time and again, we have seen examples that have proved to us that in order to maintain a successful professional life, hard work, ingenuity, determination, dedication and of course, competitive spirit are some of the essential requirements because these are the factors which helps one to survive in the long run.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are one of the prime investigation agencies of our time with an experience of more than two decades. As a service provider, we know that in order to create a remarkable place in the industry, one has to properly maintain their organization along with creating it to be one of the best.

In addition to personal investigation, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is also involved in dealing with the corporate investigation which focuses on providing essential investigative services required for issues relating to one’s corporate life. We know, as a part of this society we all want to maintain a fulfilling professional life along with personal life and we cannot ignore the one for the other. They are like two sides of the same coin and they both hold significant value in one’s life. 

On that note, here we are going to discuss some of the common services provided by us for corporate groups. Some of the corporate groups may have used services by a private investigation agency at one point or other and some may have never used them at all. Whether you belong to the first category or the latter one, it doesn’t matter because this article focuses on the future opportunities not on the previous actions. Let’s have a look at some of the services provided by private investigators for corporate groups so that we can understand how corporate investigative services can benefit corporate groups in the long run.


This is one commonly used service by corporate groups. As the name suggests, it involves conducting a proper investigation on the selected candidates before hiring them as employees in an organization. It is a kind of background screening where we focus on some of the key areas like identity verification, education, previous experience and family background etc. There are people around us who may not always consider ethical and morally acceptable ways to get ahead in the society. There are people who may even provide misleading information about themselves in their CV’s in order to get employed. Pre-employment investigation is like a preventive measure against the people who participate in such activities. Consider it like a filtering process before hiring suitable candidates for a job.


This is also one of the services provided by us for corporate groups, though some may not use it as commonly as pre-employment investigation. Many believe that using pre-employment investigation is enough to ensure security of an organisation but is it though?

Are you wondering what post-employment investigation is all about?

As per the name, post-employment investigation simply means keeping an eye on the activities of the staff members after their employment in the organization. It is necessary to check the activities of the employees even after hiring them because growth of business organisation depends on continuous monitoring and management. It is not just a one-time thing.

A business organization’s performance depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees hired which makes conducting post-employment investigation in an organisation as an important step. Through this service, one can monitor their employees and the activities performed by them, so that if any deviations are found in their actions then effective measures can be taken to correct it. Under this process, private investigators aim to ensure complete protection of company’s data base and other confidential details.


This is one of the popular services under corporate investigation. As we have already discussed above, every successful organization requires continuous monitoring and regulation to keep everything in order and on that note, we can say that mystery shopping is a very useful service for that purpose. Under mystery shopping service, mystery shoppers are sent to the establishment (who opts for this service) to observe the place and to note key factors about its working like price charged for the goods, staff interaction, quality of the goods sold by them etc. All the observations are recorded from a customer’s point of view and then it is reported back to the owners of the establishment so that they can know about the actual position of their business.


Under this investigation, private investigators find out about all the movable and immovable assets owned by a company so that corporate groups can know about the people they are dealing with. It is risky to associate with other corporate entities without properly verifying their actual status and that is why, asset verification is immensely useful for that purpose.


Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are many other services under corporate investigation provided by private investigators. Some of the other service include due diligence, employee theft, copyright infringement investigation, bug-sweeping, surveillance and insurance fraud investigation etc.

This was all about the important services which are provided by private investigators for corporate groups.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are also looking for a professional investigator to deal with the above mentioned corporate issues then don’t wait. Reach out to us.

Mystery shopping investigation: What, when and how?

At one point or another, we all must have wondered about the term “success”. What makes someone highly successful and others not so much? Is it natural talent, skills developed by an individual, competitive spirit, hard work, dedication towards the achievement of goal or a healthy combination of all these factors?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain. Reaching a high position in life is not the only thing which is important. What matters the most is maintaining that position for a long period of time because that’s where the true challenge begins. When we take a deep look at this concept, we can see that surviving in today’s corporate world is very similar to this notion. Extreme competition and pressure to be better in every aspect are some of the major features of this corporate world and to survive here, one has to constantly monitor and regulate the working conditions of their organisation. Business organisations need continuous management and control to sustain their position in the industry.

Let’s have a look at the following example to learn more about this.

Suppose, there is a fancy footwear store dealing in both male as well as female footwear and has recently introduced Kids section too. Not only that, some new staff members have also been hired in this store for looking after the three main footwear sections. At this point, you must be thinking that where is any problem in this situation? So, let’s move further and have a look into the actual cause of concern in this example.

This footwear store has made some significant changes in its operation by hiring fresh employees and by introducing new varieties of footwear but after some months, it has been suffering losses & getting negative response from the customers. People are not as happy with the store as they used to be before and the reason for such a change in the attitude of the customers is still a mystery to the store owner. Now, on looking at this example we can say that there can be many factors which may be affecting the store. There may be something wrong with the service provided by the staff members or quality of the footwear may not be up to the mark or footwear sold at the store may be overpriced. The reason for downfall in the sales can be anything!!! That’s what makes this scenario even more confusing. So, how can the store owner get to know the real reason behind this? Without knowing the actual reason for a defect, is it possible to correct it?

Don’t worry! we are not going to leave you alone with all these questions.

The answer to all these questions can be found under the main subject of this blog post – “MYSTERY SHOPPING

Let’s look at the concept of “Mystery shopping” under the sub-heads of what, when and how?

What is Mystery shopping?

This is the main question which arises here – What do we mean by Mystery shopping? And the answer to this question is very simple. Mystery shopping is a way of gathering information about the quality of goods and services from the customer’s point of view. Through mystery shopping, one can learn that how an organisation can be improved and get better than before in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. It is commonly used by restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, furniture stores, grocery stores, shopping malls and theatres etc. where providing good quality of customer service is considered as a core value of operation.

When is mystery shopping conducted?

While running a business, there are times when one wants to know about the performance of their business organisation in their absence so that drawbacks can be realized within time and effectively controlled. Through the evaluation of major areas in an organisation, one can know whether there are any weak points in their organisation and if some negative issues are found in that process, then necessary measure are taken to improve the situation. So, to answer the above mentioned question that “when is mystery shopping conducted?” we can say that it is conducted when a person wants to assess the quality of service and goods sold by his/her business organisation.

How is mystery shopping conducted?

Mystery shopping is conducted by marketing agencies, advertising agencies, mystery shopping service providers, private investigators etc.

In this process, a group of people are trained to pose as customers to visit the establishment to be evaluated. This particular group are called as “Mystery shopper” or “Secret shopper”. During their training, they are informed about the specific areas of the establishment which are to be thoroughly assessed to record their experience. Then, they visit the business establishment as told and make a careful observation about all the essential features like product display, product quality, service provided by the staff, amount charged on the products, compliance with the organisation’s rules and regulations etc. Then finally, after their visit they make a proper report on their experience as a customer and submit it to the owner of the business establishment (the one who has opted for this service). A certain amount of money is charged by these mystery shoppers for this service.

So, this was all about mystery shopping and how it is performed to evaluate a business organisation. Every business owner has a dream to conduct his/her business in a particular way but sometimes the actual product may not be equal to the vision and that’s where this service – “MYSTERY SHOPPING” comes into action. Through this service, you can identify the disparity and take steps to correct it accordingly.

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prime investigation agencies of our time which is highly skilled and experienced in providing mystery shopping service. With an experience of more than two decades, we have created a reputation and a special name for ourselves in this private investigation industry. As a service provider, we understand that it is extremely important for an organisation to perform actions according to their vision for maintaining their position in the industry otherwise it would be complete chaos.

So, if you are in need of mystery shopping service… Contact City Intelligence.

How to hire and evaluate a Private Detective Agency

When there are a number of alternatives for something, it gives people a certain amount of independence and power but choosing the most perfect one out of those alternatives is never an easy task. Everybody wants the best possible thing to spend their money and time. Hiring a private detective agency is also a similar kind of situation.

Everybody wants the most reliable, dedicated and trustworthy investigation service provider at reasonable cost but when every private detective agency claims itself to be one of the best then the whole process of choosing the most perfect one out of those options becomes even more challenging.

Don’t worry! We understand your situation. Under this subject, we have discussed about the facts which one should consider before hiring a private detective agency.

So, without wasting any other moment, let’s have a look into the three main factors which one should consider before hiring a private detective agency.

 (a) The list of services offered by them:             

Some private detective agencies only deal with corporate investigation, there are some who only focus on personal investigation and there are also others who specialize in both personal as well as corporate investigation. Therefore, by looking into the list of services offered by a private detective agency, you can know whether the service required by you is provided by them or not.

(b)  The locations where that particular detective agency operates:

To know whether their services are available in the location required by you or not and thirdly;

(c) Their performance record & their method of operation:

For this, you can get some idea by reading the reviews from their former clients. You can also discuss about this factor directly with the private detective agency and ask them, whether they have any kind of experience in a case like yours which will help you to know about their total experience in this industry. You should also confirm that whether they can offer confidentiality while proceeding with your case or not. This is how you can evaluate a private detective agency.

Now, after considering the above three factors, you must be thinking about cost charged by the private detective agency for the services offered by them. Yes, it is an important factor for hiring them but it is also necessary to know that it shouldn’t be only factor to judge a private detective agency.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. charge our customers on the basis of time and efforts involved in the investigation process. Our charges are not fixed unreasonably. With an experience of more than two decades, we have created a special identity for ourselves to be one of the remarkable private detective agencies of our time and we are still working every day to be a better version than before.

At last, we believe that if you are in need of a private detective agency, you will think well and make a sound decision. All the best!

Everything to know about Due Diligence

Our decisions & choices transform the life we live, so whether it’s our personal life or the professional one, one has to be careful at every point.

Now, let’s talk about the professional life.

 We know that it is hectic as well as extremely competitive to survive in the corporate world and due to these factors we have to be cautious while dealing with unknown organisations for business issues. Partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures are some of the reasons due to which one has to deal with other firms but who said that this shouldn’t involve proper precautions?

Before associating with other firms, you can opt for due diligence investigation service provided by private detective agencies to make sure that you are dealing with the right kind of people. If something wrong is found about the other party, you can avoid forming any professional relationship with them. So, in a way due diligence is like a verification of the authenticity of a business firm before entering into an agreement with it. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. with an experience of more than two decades are one of the foremost due diligence investigators of the private investigation industry.

Here, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about due diligence investigation.

Question 1. What is actually involved in due diligence?

Answer:  Due Diligence is nothing but verifying the correctness of a statement in order to make a well informed decision at the end. In terms of business, there are a number of concepts under due diligence like corporate due diligence, financial due diligence and investment due diligence etc.

Question 2. What can be the risk if proper due diligence is not involved before an agreement?

Answer: We all know that sharing confidential information with a new person (who is not well known) is risky because he/she may use those details in future for achieving personal gain. Similarly, when someone forms a professional relationship with a new party without proper verification about them then there is a possibility that they may try to gain unfair advantage out of this association by faking their real identity. This is the risk if proper due diligence is not involved before an agreement.

Question 3. Why to choose City Intelligence for due diligence?

Answer: City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prime detective agencies of our time which considers hard work, dedication, perseverance, ingenuity and customer satisfaction as some of the core values of a successful organisation.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in conducting due diligence investigation. They know what specifics should be covered to get a clear picture of the other company. Such an extensive analysis will help you to decide whether you should enter into an agreement with them or not.

Question 4. How much time and charges will be involved in a due diligence investigation?

Answer: Time and charges for such an investigation is based on the scope of the assignment given to us by the client. Time period required for the investigation mainly depends upon the particulars of the case provided to us by the client. While, charges for an investigation depends on the resources as well as efforts involved in a specific assignment.

Though, we can say that both time and charges of our investigation are completely reasonable with the quality of service provided by us.

Things to know about Divorce case proof investigation

Everybody loves a happy ending with a marriage and all but it is also true that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want. There is no easy way to talk about divorces. For some people, the mere subject of divorce can be painful, frustrating, uncomfortable or just a way to move on from a bitter part of life.

There can be several reasons for a divorce, but if one of the reasons does include infidelity or adultery of the other partner then it may shake up a person pretty badly.

In this difficult phase of life, one needs the services of a well experienced detective agency which can be with them for every step and be a source of reliability and trust. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. have an experience of more than two decades in the private investigation industry with proficiency in handling cases belonging to this category.

In divorce case proceedings when infidelity of the partner is involved, one needs substantial evidence to prove their side of the truth. Under divorce case proof investigation, our experience and skills are directed towards gathering strong proof about the adultery committed by the other partner so that it can be produced in the court and eventually help our client.

We understand that divorce case proof investigation is a sensitive issue and if you entrust us with this case, you must have put huge amounts of trust and expectations on our services. We are not unaware about the fact that it must be extremely difficult for you to open up to an outside party about such a delicate issue relating to your personal life but don’t worry your trust and confidence means a lot to us. Your requirements with this case will be our foremost priority and you should also know that we believe in ensuring complete discretion and confidentiality for our clients.

“Total confidentiality is the key word for us”

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a private detective agency which can provide trustworthy, dedicated service and also holds actual experience in handling divorce case proof investigation then City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is the place for you to contact.

5 reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone

What kind of a person should be hired in an organisation?

We are sure that you may have many answers for this but most importantly you may believe that a good hiring decision involves employing someone who can add value to the organisation and be an asset for the employer and not a liability, isn’t it?

Recruiting someone can be a huge responsibility because a lot of factors are necessary to be considered while hiring someone. Choosing the most perfect candidate out of many alternatives is not an easy task. An organisation’s success is hugely dependent upon the people who work there and that makes the process of hiring even more crucial. Therefore, we present you, one of the most important categories of corporate investigation which can be extremely useful in this case. Yes… we are talking about none other than “PRE-EMPLOYMENT INVESTIGATION

Pre-employment investigation simply means conducting a comprehensive investigation on the selected candidates who have applied for a job in an organisation. This investigation is done to verify their details before hiring them in the organisation. Pre-employment investigation is turning out to be one of the most sought after investigations of all times due its necessity in the corporate world.

To have a deep look into this subject, we have enlisted five major reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone:-

Identity confirmation:

Identity is necessary to be known when you are considering that person to become a part of your organisation. There are people who may even lie about their identity and hide their true selves, if they have committed any morally questionable things in their life. Thus, pre-employment investigation is a kind of protection against such people who may try to deceive you & your organisation with a fake identity. This investigation provides you some basic idea about their background, so that you can properly judge a person before hiring them in your organisation.

Verification of the qualification:

Qualifications are not just mere conditions required for a job but they are also an indicator of a person’s capability with respect to the job applied. We are living in a competitive age where people do everything in their power to get ahead of others even if it involves lying about their qualifications. You know what happens then, don’t you?

If they get hired, they will ultimately sabotage the workings of their organization through their incompetency and ineptness.

Thus, it’s better to be safe from such people through a detailed qualification check which comes under pre-employment investigation.

Criminal history (if any):

As an employer, you should know what kind of people you are hiring because your organisation will ultimately bear the consequences for the actions of your employee. Through pre-employment investigation, you can have a brief look at a candidate’s past before hiring him/her in your organization. Under this investigation, you can also use criminal background check to know if the candidate has ever been involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Previous employment & experience:

You may have heard that we all should learn from history as it teaches us new things, helps us to avoid making further mistakes in the present and guides us to create a better future. Then you can imagine that how it is extremely significant for the employers to have a proper knowledge about their employee’s history. Through pre-employment investigation, you can get details about a candidate’s previous employment (if any) and his/her experience with respect to the job applied by him/her. You can also verify the authenticity of their previous salary.

Other important details:

Apart from all the above mentioned factors, you can also know about other necessary details regarding the candidate applying for the job. By other details, we mean information relating to marital status, medical history and overall personality traits etc.

Now, you may have understood about the importance of hiring the right person for an organisation and how pre-employment investigation can ensure that. We believe that when the time comes, you will make the right decision.

D for Delhi and D for Detectives

There are many words to describe Delhi. Some of those words include dynamic, vibrant, exuberant, historic etc. People in this big city are like people from any other big city. There are times when they get a step closer to achieve their dreams both in personal as well as in professional aspects and sometimes, they get a step away due to some unforeseen obstacles.

Are you suddenly facing losses in your firm and feel that your trade secrets are no longer safe? Do you feel that your child is acting really strange and different from his/her usual behaviour? Is it getting hard to trust the people who work for you like your domestic help, driver etc.? Do you feel that the person whom you are going to marry is not as perfect as he/ she seems and something about him/ her feels odd, but you can’t exactly pinpoint?

If you are facing any difficulty of this kind in your personal or in your professional life, then you should definitely opt for the professional services from a good detective agency. You may think that you don’t need the help of any outsider to solve your problems, but sometimes some issues can be dealt in the best way, when they are handled by an expert. Like, every big city, Delhi is composed of wide variety of people; many among them work day and night with honesty and sincerity to achieve what they want while on the other hand, some may not share the same mindset. You cannot change the people, but you can surely protect yourself from those.

If you are one of those, who are in need of a good private detective agency then you should contact CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD.

If you are ready to trust someone to solve your problems, then trust one of the best ones in this area. Trust someone who has necessary skills, knowledge and enough experience in this area. City Intelligence has been dealing with personal and professional investigations of all types from more than two decades.

So Delhiites, if you are in need of investigative services, don’t wait and reach out to City Intelligence before it’s too late.

Contact no: 011- 26107330, +91-9811510888 (24 x 7 availability),

E-mail :

6 horrible mistakes to avoid while dealing with a detective agency

Mistakes are a part of life which brings different changes in our perspective and prepares us for the future but one can’t deny that there are some horrible mistakes which can only cause regrets and pain in return.

So, how is this relatable with the topic of our discussion? Let’s have a look.

We all are aware about the private detective agencies and some of us may also have used their services at one point or another.

If you are not one of those people who have used private investigation services before, then it’s totally fine because this topic is focused upon you. We believe that when someone is using the services provided by private detective agencies for the first time, they may make certain mistakes due to lack of proper knowledge & awareness or due to some common misconception. That is why, we have decided to shed some light on this area, so that everybody can learn and be enlightened about this subject.

Here are some horrible mistakes to avoid while dealing with a detective agency:-

1. Thinking that all detective agencies perform similar activities as their job:

As we know, there are different doctors for different diseases. We visit a neurologist for disorders relating to nervous system, cardiologist for heart related problems and dentist for conditions relating to teeth & gums similarly some private detectives focus only on matrimonial investigation, some carry out corporate investigations alone and some detective agencies perform both private and corporate investigation as a part of their profession. So, you should verify that whether the private detective agency has any particular specialization or if it is involved with all types of investigation. After this verification, you can contact the appropriate private detective agency as per your need.

2. Not providing complete details about your situation:-

Withholding essential information from your private detective agency is not at all advisable. If you need the investigation to work, you have to be   completely honest with your private detective about your situation. Giving incomplete information can cause misunderstandings between you and the private detective and thus, the   whole investigation may end up in a pretty bad shape due to this reason.

3. Not discussing about charges before the investigation:-

 Charges for the investigation play an important part of contract between the private detective agency and the client. It specifies the time, resources and efforts involved in an investigation and that is why, it should not become a source of disagreement later on. If you have any doubts regarding the charges to be paid for the investigation, discuss about it with your private detective before the investigation begins. A thorough discussion in advance can be beneficial for both the parties.

4. Not discussing about the time period required for investigation in advance:

  As we have seen till now, assuming things won’t lead to happy conclusions all the time. That is why, it is better to ask questions than to assume everything. While approaching a detective agency, you should ask about the time period required for completing the investigation from their side instead of assuming something on your own.

5. Not asking about the current status of the investigation from time to time:-

    It has been said that “Knowing a disappointing truth is better than wondering forever”. It is an important saying as it highlights that anything is better than complete unawareness.

When you are using the services from a private detective agency, try to be updated with the current developments on your case so that you have a better understanding about the work done by your private detective. Being in the dark regarding the status of your case is not at all advisable.

6. Choosing a detective agency without proper verification:-

    In this day and age, people ask for suggestions and advice for buying even little things for day to day use so you can imagine that it is extremely important to conduct proper verification about the private detective agency before using its services in order to ensure that you are not dealing with any   fraudulent source. Try to do a thorough online search, read about the testimonies from previous clients and be alert in general while approaching them in the beginning, so that you can take an informed decision about them.