Pre-matrimonial investigation

Choosing the right life partner is fundamental for happy marriage because everything depends on the kind of life partner we choose. But sadly, many among us fail to take proper measures before making this decision. Conducting a pre-matrimonial investigation is not an unnecessary process but an essential precaution while choosing a life partner.

Why is Pre-matrimonial investigation important?

It doesn’t matter whether you know your potential life partner from a long time or a short while. It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for an arranged marriage or a love marriage. What’s important to understand is that “marriage” is an important step to be taken in life and therefore conducting an appropriate verification of all factors is necessary and a safe choice.

Now-a-days, online interaction makes one believe that they have created a true bond with the opposite person, but still how can someone be sure that every detail revealed by him/her are exactly true and nothing else?

The person on the other side may have lied about everything & may have been using a fake identity all along, to target innocent people. It is hard to be certain about anything in this day & age without getting a confirmation.

How can City Intelligence help you with this issue?

City Intelligence is a private investigation agency which is specialized in providing pre-matrimonial investigation. Due to our rich experience and proficiency in this subject matter, we know how to accurately analyse and scrutinize a person and gather his/her relevant background while maintaining confidentiality of our clients during the whole investigation process.

What is involved in our pre-matrimonial investigation service?

  • We proceed with our investigation, on the basis of your requirement. You can opt for confirming just the basic details about his/her life or you can choose to do a comprehensive search on the individual to know all the relevant details regarding his/her personality, financial status, medical history, general habits, criminal history, previous marriage(if any) etc.
  • We proceed with our investigation, on the basis of your requirement. You can opt for confirming just the basic details about his/her life or you can choose to do a comprehensive search on the individual to know all the relevant details regarding his/her personality, financial status, medical history, general habits, criminal history, previous marriage(if any) etc.
  • We proceed with our investigation, on the basis of your requirement. You can opt for confirming just the basic details about his/her life or you can choose to do a comprehensive search on the individual to know all the relevant details regarding his/her personality, financial status, medical history, general habits, criminal history, previous marriage(if any) etc.

Divorce case proof investigation

Divorce can be a difficult process to go through in one’s life when surrounded by different challenges. In such a situation, City Intelligence is here for your aid in gathering evidence relating to adultery in the form of photographs or videos. A private investigator is capable of analysing the client’s situation extensively and pinpoints the main clues which can prove the truth behind marital discord.

How can City Intelligence help you with this issue?

City Intelligence is a private investigation agency, whose list of services include Divorce case proof investigation. As Private investigator, we have developed sharp eye for detail over the huge period of our operation. Our team of professionals can inspect each and every part of your case and identify the evidences which can help you in the court of law. It is not uncommon for a person to feel exhausted from all the elements involved in a divorce case. Especially, when the case involves infidelity of the other partner, it is best to acquire the help of an expert who is used to investigating such cases, isn’t it?

How City Intelligence prepares itself to deal with this investigation?

We understand that this type of case can take any shape or form by the spouse of the client. In other words, as an accomplished service provider, we foresee that how the opposite party may attempt to turn the whole divorce case into their favour in the court.

So, to deal with such a situation our investigation team is completely ready for physical and online search to go into the bottom of this case and substantial evidence. As an investigation agency, we are all aware that sometimes evidences are not easily accessible through physical search online. We know that sometimes there is more to the case than what meets the eye. For such instances, we are technologically well prepared to meet the situation. We possess well advanced and sophisticated technology, which helps us to big deeper into the case and gather reliable proof to be presented in the court.

Why should you opt for our service?

We know that a divorce case is a really sensitive matter for every person and someone is opting for a divorce case proof investigation service from a private detective, then a huge amount of trust and expectations are being made in that case from the private detective. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. understand how important it is for you and your trust in our services means the world to us.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated and dependable investigation agency by your side… It’s time for you to decide…


Cybercrime investigation

We live in a digital age where information is easily available through online clicks & searches, but it also raises certain questions regarding confidentiality, security and protection from online theft and misuse.

With an expansion in the internet usage across the world, there is also a shocking increase in the number of internet related crimes. Let’s look into the word “cyber- crime”.

What is a cyber-crime?

Cybercrime is associated with the terms “computer network” and “information technology”. A cyber-criminal manipulates or steals personal data in digital mode in order to achieve personal gain. Cybercrimes involve computer system, mobile phone or any such device which can be a part of digital network. The digital data can be misused to threaten the target & to conduct fraudulent activities. Here, the target may be an individual, an organization or a government.

Cybercrime may take any form. Hacking, identity theft, Phishing, Pornography, Scams & virus attacks, Cyber stalking & defamation are some of the forms of cybercrime.

Whatever may be its form, cybercrimes have the potential to create huge negative impact in the life of the target. To deal with such a situation, you need professionals who are well-experienced with exceptional skills in this subject of cybercrime.

How can City Intelligence help you out?

We understand this issue and that’s why, our City Intelligence team is composed of one of the best IT experts, forensic experts and investigators who can assess and analyse each and every data in the digital form to pinpoint the actual source of the crime and after that we will also provide measures to protect your computer network from such cyber-attacks in the future.

Yes, along with identifying & securing the digital data, it is equally vital to take significant measures for protecting the digital data by employing efficient policies and procedures. As an experienced professional, we know that a crime like this needs to be investigated with a well-organized structure, so that every crucial element involved in this is given due consideration.

Why should you opt for our service?

We analyse the client’s computer system and network to identify the vulnerabilities and look for the data captured so that proper steps can be taken to strengthen security in the computer system and the IT infrastructure victimized in this. Our risk assessment procedures are beneficial to secure and update all the concerned areas.

Cheating partner surveillance

If you are feeling doubtful about the behaviour of your spouse, then you surely must have noticed those subtle signs which indicate change from his/her usual self. Most of us try to ignore all the signs of cheating partner, but being in denial is not the right way to deal with a problem, isn’t it?

How can City Intelligence help you with this issue?

If you are tired of being in suspicion and want a clear answer for your doubts then don’t worry as City Intelligence is here for you. We have been operating as an investigation agency from more than two decades and we have a significant amount of experience in conducting cheating partner surveillance.

How City Intelligence conducts Cheating partner surveillance?

We analyse and inspect on the basis of suspicious behaviour noticed by the client. Our expertise and experience on this subject helps us to understand and identify the questionable behaviour of the client’s spouse.

We treat every matrimonial cheating spouse investigation with highest degree of confidentiality as possible.

A plan of action is implemented by us, to scrutinize the doubtful areas and then we reach a result on the basis of our discovery. Photographs & videos are also collected as an evidence for our results.

Why should you opt for our service?

On directly questioning the cheating spouse, he/she may even attempt to gaslight you, so that you stop getting suspicious on their behaviour and divert your attention to something else. Therefore, when you get the help of a professional private detective agency like us, experts on this subject can analyse your case in a proper way and get into the bottom of things within a particular time frame.

Time to take an action is now, so don’t wait and contact City Intelligence before it’s too late…

Background verification

It is difficult to be associated with others and to trust someone at this day and age. Our personal information can be misused by anybody if proper precautions are not taken in the first place. People may have different reasons to lie about their background and they may try to take advantage of others by hiding their actual identity. So, what can be done in this situation? The answer lies in the term “Background verification”.

What is Background verification?

The process of verifying the details of person’s history can be termed as Background verification. It is done to know the real identity of an individual.

Like, when you are hiring people for some important position, making crucial business deals risking huge amount of investment or in any kind of relationship where there is a lot to lose then in such a situation, it is better to confirm the background of the person with whom you are associating. One cannot be completely sure about future or about upcoming consequences of one’s action, so the best way to deal with the unknown is taking proper precautions beforehand, isn’t it? It is the least one can do.

How can City Intelligence help with this issue?

We, City Intelligence are offering our “Background verification” service. As a private investigation agency we believe that in today’s world, “alertness” and “awareness” should not be mere words but they should also be the most significant qualities to be possessed by people for dealing with everyday situation.

What is involved under City Intelligence’s background investigation service?

Under our background verification service:-

  • We verify all the important components of a person’s background according to the client’s requirement with accuracy and precision.
  • Provide detailed report along with available photographs or videos to support our findings.
  • Our investigation will be time bound and we will accomplish it while taking confidentiality and privacy of the client into account.

We summarize the basic requirements of our client and then with the help of our years of experience and expertise on this service area, we bring out our thoroughly laid plan into action.

In the end, never forget that being informed is always better than being misinformed!!

Are you concerned about the safety of your Mobile Phone?

Advancement in technology has made several changes to the way we live. When we think about improvement in technology or technological progress, we may think about words like convenience, comfort, sophistication, easiness etc. We remember all these words because by advancement in technology, we only focus on its positives. It is true that improvement in technology provides multitude of benefits but with all these factors, it is important to remember about another important term called “safety”.

In this day and age, it is extremely important to make sure that the technology we are using for every single task is safe and secure. It shouldn’t endanger our privacy in any way.

Let’s look into mobile phones. Mobile phones are a well known device in this 21st century. It is not just used for calling & texting but also acts as a doorway to connect with the entire world. Thus, it is needless to say that due to such a huge dependency on this device for various purposes, it is necessary to make sure that our personal information from mobiles remain confidential to us and not become a public display.

Mobile phones are vulnerable to be attacked by hackers to gain unauthorized access into our private data. These hackers know that by gaining access into to the system of our mobile phone they can access a piece of our life’s most guarded details.

There must be times when you may have heard that someone among your friend or from your social circle clicked a link from an unknown mobile number or from an anonymous email id and that one mistake helped the hackers to steal their entire bank & credit card details within a flash. It is really concerning that how these things have become more and more common around us.

Using spy softwares, Bluetooth hacking, SIM card swapping, phishing emails & text messages consisting misleading links are some of the common ways through which hackers gain access into the system of mobile phones.

On gaining control of the mobile phone system, they can do a lot more to harm the identity and privacy of the individual and not just possess the financial details. They can access personal photographs, videos and mobile phone owner’s contact list, turn on the microphone to listen private conversations, get access to control the camera of the phone to monitor the person, know about the location through GPS and they can also take the identity of the mobile phone owner as well to commit further crimes while staying hidden behind a different identity. It is quite distressing to think about, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, every problem can be solved if you have an expert to help you out!

It is important to move ahead with times, but it shouldn’t be done by compromising on safety and security. Therefore, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is offering you its services to check your mobile phones. Through this service, you can find out whether your mobile phone is hacked or protected.

If you have are facing:-                                                                    

  • quick reduction of battery in your mobile phones,
  • presence of unknown apps in your mobile phone which you had never downloaded before,
  • Unusual amount of increase in the usage of your mobile data,
  • Odd text messages or phone calls, which you didn’t make

Or any other sign being shown by your mobile phone that seems strange to you, then reach out to City Intelligence.

It is better to act towards solving the problem than remaining in doubt forever, isn’t it? City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is here for you to find the reason behind your suspicion.

Corporate investigative services & Professional life

The choices we make shape the life we live. That is why it is important to choose correctly to be in the path we desire. To have a healthy professional life, it is important to take careful steps at the different stages of one’s career. The corporate world in which we exist today is extremely competitive. The struggle to successfully survive in this intense environment and that too without losing one’s special identity has its own set of challenges.

We, as a private investigation agency offer the following services under corporate investigation. As indicated by the name, these investigative services are useful for dealing with issues relating to one’s professional life. Let’s have a look at each one of them.


Employees are the chief assets of an organization therefore it is important to choose the right kind of people while hiring them. Then, even after hiring qualified candidates as employees it is extremely necessary to monitor them from time to time regarding the work performed by them in their respective roles. It has been rightly said that a healthy and successful organization is not just a one step process, but a result of continuous efforts.

Therefore, we as a detective agency provide both pre-employment investigation and post-employment investigation. Under pre-employment investigation, the credentials of chosen candidates are verified before employing them in important positions and on the other hand, under post-employment investigation, we keep an eye on the existing employees and ensure that no one is causing any threat to the security of the company through their job position.


This is another service under corporate investigation which is highly in demand. “Customer satisfaction” is a key factor to be achieved in this corporate world and the mystery shopping service acts as a perfect tool to measure it.

Yes, retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, grocery store owners and others who want to measure the quality of customer experience in their establishments can use this service. Under mystery shopping, people are sent to these establishments disguised as customers to assess the quality of service provided by these establishments. These so called customers are called “mystery shoppers”. After visiting these locations, they provide their feedback on these establishments from the customer’s point of view. Through this service, business owners can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their establishments and improve accordingly.


Trust between two parties is a fundamental element for forming any business association but can we trust anybody who appears to be skilled and promising in running a business?

No we can’t. Running a business is a huge challenge and it is essential to verify and confirm the other party’s authenticity before setting up any professional partnership with them. Under asset verification investigation, we confirm the existence of assets and liabilities as mentioned by a person. Our vast experience in this field helps us to locate all movable and immovable assets of an organization with utmost effectiveness as possible.


As we have already discussed above, corporate world is really intense and competitive and sometimes things do get too far in such an environment. Some may plant bugs in their competitor’s workplace to snoop and eavesdrop their private conversations. Debugging is the process to handle such cases. The process of debugging simply means locating and removing bugs so as to protect the safety and security of workplace. This is commonly called as “electronic sweeping” or “bug sweeping”.


There are many other services under corporate investigation apart from the above mentioned ones. Some of them include due diligence, employee theft investigation, insurance fraud investigation and copyright infringement investigation etc.

 At last it will not be wrong to say that these services under corporate investigation are nothing but an asset to solve issues relating to professional life. If you are also looking for a dedicated and experienced corporate investigation service then contact us. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. will prove itself to be your best choice.

Top private detective agency in Ludhiana

As we all know, Ludhiana is a manufacturing hub of Punjab and popular for many products like auto parts, garments and hosiery etc.

Now, let us ask you a question.

Do you need skilled, experienced and professional investigative services for personal or corporate issues in Ludhiana?

If your answer is “Yes”, then let us inform you that you have reached the right place for this purpose.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. offer our investigative services for both personal and corporate issues in Ludhiana.

There are a lot of things, which makes a service great, which makes a service different as well as unique and basically creates a special place in the heart of the consumer. City Intelligence also has a number of qualities, which makes it exceptional and remarkable. It has touched the lives of a number of people with its extra ordinary service and our mission is to continue in the same path.

If you are wondering, what are the secrets behind the success of City Intelligence? The answer will be of course,

  • Reliable  management and control
  • Skilled & hard working  team
  • Vast experience in the field of personal and corporate investigation of all types.
  • Unbreakable determination and ability to think outside the box.
  • Being updated with the latest gadgets and innovations.

These are some of the factors, which have helped us to stay ahead in our game.

It has been stated above, reliable management and control, and we are sure that, you must be looking forward to know more about this point. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its good quality investigative services in this industry. For a service to become well known for its performance and skills, a great deal of responsibility lies in the hands of the service provider. He is the one, who projects the service in a positive light among the people. Here, in this case, it lies in the hands of Mr. Rajeev Kumar, who is the Managing Director of City Intelligence. His passion for this profession has helped City Intelligence to be one of the best detective agencies of our country. There are people, who break and shatter when they face a single challenge or an obstacle and there are certain people, who think that challenges are a part and parcel of every task and they genuinely believe in creating bridge towards success from the stones, thrown at their way. Mr. Rajeev Kumar definitely belongs to the latter category. His belief and sharp skills are the pillars of our esteemed private detective agency. His credentials are assets of City Intelligence. Every professional private detective should be properly trained in this area. One cannot exactly decide to open a detective agency on a whim. You don’t need to worry regarding this, when you decide to opt for our investigative services. Mr. Rajeev Kumar is duly trained in this field, with certifications by VMP-AIIM and SEATRO, Singapore. His credentials also include coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. Like a candle in the darkness, his actions and timely decisions have enlightened the path of City Intelligence and helped it to create a name for itself, with golden letters.

Features of City Intelligence also include that it possesses a skilled and a hard working team. The word, Skills mean “an ability to do something well” and we also know that, one can   hone any kind of skills only with time and perseverance. City Intelligence is blessed with both of these qualities. We have a dedicated team, a mixture of talented as well as experienced minds, who have been a member of law enforcement agencies. Hard work is a necessity not a choice, to fulfil objectives and we at City Intelligence, totally agree with this fact. You must have heard about this beautiful quote: “Work hard in silence, let your success be the noise”. The truthfulness and inspiration reflected from this statement is valuable and therefore it is one of the mantras, adopted by City Intelligence in its day to day work procedures.

People do estimate about the worth and quality of a service from an organisation, by the duration of time it has served in the society. It gives an idea about how long an organisation has been performing successfully, can we trust this organisation or not, is it capable of fulfilling my needs or not. If we talk about City Intelligence, it has been successfully operating in this industry from more than two decades. So, you can very well see that it is capable of facing challenges thrown in its way. In this phase of extreme competition, when it is extremely hard to enter in this industry and create a position for oneself, City Intelligence has been steadily blooming and prospering from more than two decades.

Our vast experience in this industry has helped us to sharpen our skills and achieve expertise in personal and corporate investigation of all types.

If we look into the category of Personal Investigation, you must be delighted to know that from matrimonial investigation to employee verification, every kind of investigation can be handled by City Intelligence with finesse.

Here, is a list of all the services provided under personal investigation by City Intelligence:-

1. Matrimonial investigation

2. Cyber crime investigation

3. Divorce related proof investigation

4. Missing person investigation

5. Personality verification including social life styles, debts & credits, affairs & liaisons.

6. To check a person’s trust, loyalty or breach of conduct by powerful people.

Investigative services are not used only by individuals for their personal issues, corporate are equally interested to use investigative services, while dealing with many professional issues. As they do know, for handling certain issues in a smooth way, using the investigative services provided by professional private detectives is the right course of action.

Some of the services provided by City Intelligence, under corporate investigation are as follows:-

  1. TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)
  2.  Due diligence & asset verification
  3. Employment
  4. Labour court cases
  5. Cheating/ theft cases
  6. Insurance verification
  7. Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
  8. Risk assessment
  9. Crime scene interpretation
  10. Forensic science services

These factors are not mere statements, they makes City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. special. Our features helps us to bond with people and we are really grateful for that. We sincerely hope that in the coming time, we are able to create more business connections and continue to provide the best quality service to our clients.

Top detective agency in Rajkot

If you are looking for investigative services provided by a reliable and professional   private detective agency in Rajkot, then City Intelligence is the right place for you to go.

 When we talk about private detective agencies, it is hard to ignore that there are several detective agencies in existence today. It is good that there number of alternatives to obtain investigative services but it also might arise a question in everyone’s mind that which detective agency must they choose in time of need? …what is best for them? …which investigative agency can fulfill their needs and provide utmost satisfaction?

If you are in need of investigative services, then you may be having these thoughts too… Isn’t it?

Don’t worry…. As an answer to all your doubts, we are going to provide a brief overview about ourselves.

Let’s see what City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is all about and why you should give it a chance.

ABOUT CITY INTELLIGENCE:-                                                                           

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is a private detective agency. From more than two decades, we have been dealing with personal and corporate investigation of all types. Our level of performance and our continuous hard work has helped us to maintain a vast network of clients. We offer our services for pan- India & also for international enquiries at reasonable charges.


In this digital age, in order to grow in any profession, development of oneself according to the current situation is necessary. New and advanced technology if used in the right manner, can always serve as a friend for private detectives.

City Intelligence uses latest technology and gadgets available in the market in its investigations. On being assigned a task, we assess the case and the elements present in it, then we develop tactics to deal with it through the usage of our skills and technology in the best possible manner. 


The authority and management of this detective agency lies with Mr. Rajeev Kumar, who is one of the brilliant detectives of our time. He is duly trained in the area of private investigative services with an outstanding background completed with coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. His experience and credentials prove that City Intelligence is a detective agency, which you can completely trust without fear.


If you don’t want to reveal your identity and if you prefer to keep your identity private, it’s completely understandable and your decision will be supported by us.


 This was all about us and our working as a private detective agency. We know that to know about someone’s work and to trust their capabilities, actions are more effective than words. So, if you are in need of personal or corporate investigation, give us a chance to prove our competence and skills.


CONTACT NO: 011- 26107330, +91-9811510888 (24 x 7 availability),

E mail:

Pre-employment screening by Private detective agencies

“Trust” is a five letter word but its value is far greater than that. In business, trust acts as a significant element for taking important decisions.  When you trust someone you prefer them more than others and you truly believe in their capabilities. On that note, let us ask think about something.

  When it comes to today’s world, can we trust others easily?

The answer is “NO”. Everybody is not the same, so one has to take important steps to completely verify the authenticity of a person before forming any kind of association with them. In our cooperate world, when it comes to employing someone new in the organization, a lot of factors are necessary to be looked into for the purpose of confirmation.

So, this is our main subject of this blog post – “PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING”.  Let’s see more about this.


Pre-employment screening simply means conducting a complete verification of the potential candidates before hiring them in important positions of an organization.

We all know that employees are a driving force behind an organization’s performance therefore one has to be extremely careful while hiring new employees. Employees should be up to the standards because their actions will impact the performance of the organization in one way or other.

Under Pre-employment screening, we mainly investigate on the following aspects:-

  • Details about the candidate’s identity
  • Education qualifications
  • Records about previous employment and experience gained by the candidate
  • Criminal Background (if any)
  • Details about the candidate’s family
  • Other necessary information relating to the candidate

These details are important to get a complete picture about the overall personality and character of the candidate.

We know that every employer wants to employ a person who is reliable, skilled and capable of converting the objectives of the business into a reality. To hire such a person, a thorough pre- employment screening is a perfect tool.

For excelling in something, one needs to have a complete understanding about the concept. A professional detective agency like us (City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.) have an experience of more than two decades with a wonderful track record of handling cases relating to pre-employment investigation.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits provided by Pre-employment screening:-

Helps in proper assessment of selected candidates:-

You may come across huge number of people in a day, but if you had to evaluate them to know about their true self…How would you begin? By getting details about their identity isn’t it?

That is why pre-employment screening includes confirming the identity of the selected candidates. Verification of the candidate’s identity eventually helps to properly assess them. When a candidate becomes employee, he gets associated with the duties and responsibilities relating to his job. His efficiency rewards the entire business organisation and similarly, his mistakes affect the whole business. So, to avoid hiring people with deceitful purpose, pre-employment screening is a significant process for proper assessment of selected candidates.

Helps in reducing unwanted employee turnover:-

When faced with unwanted employee turnover, you may regret a lot about your past decisions and think that how you may have taken more efforts to choose the right person for the job. So, to deal with such situations, we would like to say that pre-employment screening is an efficient way to reduce unwanted employee turnover as under this process, essential details regarding the selected candidates are thoroughly verified and evaluated. Thus, by properly learning about your selected candidates for the job, you can make a better choice while choosing them in the beginning and in this way you can eventually avoid unwanted employee turnover in the future.

Helps in hiring qualified candidates with good character:-

As we have mentioned above, hiring employees for a job is a task with huge responsibility. Any kind of carelessness in this process can produce disastrous results. Under pre-employment screening, information relating to education qualification, previous experience and other information relating to a candidate is gathered so that overall assessment can be made regarding his ability and potential. Cross-checking his background information is helpful to get some idea about his character. In short, when the objective is to hire qualified candidates with good character, then pre-employment screening is the key to accomplish it.

Helps to ensure overall safety and security:-

Ensuring safety and security of the workplace is the most important objective for very employer. Therefore, when hiring a new employee it is crucial to verify all about his background including criminal history (if any) to know more about him. You don’t want a violent person who can cause disputes and initiate toxic mentality among other employees isn’t it? Pre-employment screening covers collecting all the important information relating to a person’s history including criminal history, so that a wise choice can be made while hiring new people. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that pre-employment screening helps to ensure overall safety and security of the work place.