Top private detective agency in Ludhiana

As we all know, Ludhiana is a manufacturing hub of Punjab and popular for many products like auto parts, garments and hosiery etc.

Now, let us ask you a question.

Do you need skilled, experienced and professional investigative services for personal or corporate issues in Ludhiana?

If your answer is “Yes”, then let us inform you that you have reached the right place for this purpose.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. offer our investigative services for both personal and corporate issues in Ludhiana.

There are a lot of things, which makes a service great, which makes a service different as well as unique and basically creates a special place in the heart of the consumer. City Intelligence also has a number of qualities, which makes it exceptional and remarkable. It has touched the lives of a number of people with its extra ordinary service and our mission is to continue in the same path.

If you are wondering, what are the secrets behind the success of City Intelligence? The answer will be of course,

  • Reliable  management and control
  • Skilled & hard working  team
  • Vast experience in the field of personal and corporate investigation of all types.
  • Unbreakable determination and ability to think outside the box.
  • Being updated with the latest gadgets and innovations.

These are some of the factors, which have helped us to stay ahead in our game.

It has been stated above, reliable management and control, and we are sure that, you must be looking forward to know more about this point. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its good quality investigative services in this industry. For a service to become well known for its performance and skills, a great deal of responsibility lies in the hands of the service provider. He is the one, who projects the service in a positive light among the people. Here, in this case, it lies in the hands of Mr. Rajeev Kumar, who is the Managing Director of City Intelligence. His passion for this profession has helped City Intelligence to be one of the best detective agencies of our country. There are people, who break and shatter when they face a single challenge or an obstacle and there are certain people, who think that challenges are a part and parcel of every task and they genuinely believe in creating bridge towards success from the stones, thrown at their way. Mr. Rajeev Kumar definitely belongs to the latter category. His belief and sharp skills are the pillars of our esteemed private detective agency. His credentials are assets of City Intelligence. Every professional private detective should be properly trained in this area. One cannot exactly decide to open a detective agency on a whim. You don’t need to worry regarding this, when you decide to opt for our investigative services. Mr. Rajeev Kumar is duly trained in this field, with certifications by VMP-AIIM and SEATRO, Singapore. His credentials also include coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. Like a candle in the darkness, his actions and timely decisions have enlightened the path of City Intelligence and helped it to create a name for itself, with golden letters.

Features of City Intelligence also include that it possesses a skilled and a hard working team. The word, Skills mean “an ability to do something well” and we also know that, one can   hone any kind of skills only with time and perseverance. City Intelligence is blessed with both of these qualities. We have a dedicated team, a mixture of talented as well as experienced minds, who have been a member of law enforcement agencies. Hard work is a necessity not a choice, to fulfil objectives and we at City Intelligence, totally agree with this fact. You must have heard about this beautiful quote: “Work hard in silence, let your success be the noise”. The truthfulness and inspiration reflected from this statement is valuable and therefore it is one of the mantras, adopted by City Intelligence in its day to day work procedures.

People do estimate about the worth and quality of a service from an organisation, by the duration of time it has served in the society. It gives an idea about how long an organisation has been performing successfully, can we trust this organisation or not, is it capable of fulfilling my needs or not. If we talk about City Intelligence, it has been successfully operating in this industry from more than two decades. So, you can very well see that it is capable of facing challenges thrown in its way. In this phase of extreme competition, when it is extremely hard to enter in this industry and create a position for oneself, City Intelligence has been steadily blooming and prospering from more than two decades.

Our vast experience in this industry has helped us to sharpen our skills and achieve expertise in personal and corporate investigation of all types.

If we look into the category of Personal Investigation, you must be delighted to know that from matrimonial investigation to employee verification, every kind of investigation can be handled by City Intelligence with finesse.

Here, is a list of all the services provided under personal investigation by City Intelligence:-

1. Matrimonial investigation

2. Cyber crime investigation

3. Divorce related proof investigation

4. Missing person investigation

5. Personality verification including social life styles, debts & credits, affairs & liaisons.

6. To check a person’s trust, loyalty or breach of conduct by powerful people.

Investigative services are not used only by individuals for their personal issues, corporate are equally interested to use investigative services, while dealing with many professional issues. As they do know, for handling certain issues in a smooth way, using the investigative services provided by professional private detectives is the right course of action.

Some of the services provided by City Intelligence, under corporate investigation are as follows:-

  1. TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)
  2.  Due diligence & asset verification
  3. Employment
  4. Labour court cases
  5. Cheating/ theft cases
  6. Insurance verification
  7. Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
  8. Risk assessment
  9. Crime scene interpretation
  10. Forensic science services

These factors are not mere statements, they makes City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. special. Our features helps us to bond with people and we are really grateful for that. We sincerely hope that in the coming time, we are able to create more business connections and continue to provide the best quality service to our clients.

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