Things to know before choosing a Private investigator

What to do and not to do before using the services of a Private investigation agency

Some of you may have used the services of a private investigation agency before and there must be many, who may have never used the services of a private investigator in their whole life and just planning to use one. No worries.

Here, we have a made a list of few essential things specifying what to do and what not to do before using the services of a private investigation agency.

It is very important to know, what should be done and not done from your side before using the services of a  private investigator.


  1. You should try to know as much as possible about the qualifications of the private investigator.
  2. You should get to know if the private investigation agency has handled any cases similar to yours in the past or not. If they have such experience, then you should know about the outcome of such investigations as well.
  3. Try to get information about the overall experience of the private investigator who will be handling your case.
  4. You should confirm whether the private investigation agency can guarantee you privacy and confidentiality while handling your case or not. If the answer is no  and you still choose their service then it can be a huge cause of concern  for your personal life.
  5. Try to know, what procedures will be used and how much time will be required by the private investigation agency for successfully fulfilling your requirement. Get complete information about their service charge well in advance. Also inform them whether you completely agree with the cost or not. If you are facing any issues in that regard, it is important to inform them far earlier and work this out through mutual discussion and understanding.


  1. Don’t choose a private investigation agency, just because you have heard good things about it from others. Do your own research and make a wise decision by taking your needs and requirements into consideration.
  2. Don’t rush into choosing any service provided by the private investigator before properly knowing about what will be involved in it.
  3. Don’t judge any private investigation agency on the basis of prices charged by them for their service. You have to look into the quality of their work and the efforts they are willing to put into your case.
  4. Don’t assume the time period required for the investigation on your own and expect it to be completed according to your assumption. You need to properly discuss about this element with your private investigator before making any conclusions on your own.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask any question or clear any doubt you have in your mind about the private investigator. From the experience of the private investigator to the rate of successful completion of your requirement, you have to make a thorough discussion with your private investigation agency before deciding to choose the service provided by them.

Most important features in a private detective agency

The 3 C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

There are many reasons to choose the services of a private detective agency. You may have accessed the services of other private investigation agencies before and looking for something different or it must be your first time using any investigative service, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to us is providing you with excellent investigative services so that we, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. leave a special mark in your life.

We have an experience of more than two decades in this private investigation industry. So, you can imagine that with change in time, we have evolved ourselves according to it. Dedication and hard work are the main factors which takes one through the end of the road and we completely believe that.

Now, you should know about the 3 C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. These 3 C’s helps us to build a strong connection with our clients.

The three C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are:-




Let’s  look at the first C- Confidentiality.

When you are trying to opt for a good private detective agency, what do you look for?  Skills, capabilities of that agency..? and once you have found a proficient detective agency, what do you look for before  asking them to proceed with your case? You ask them whether they can keep your identity confidential or not, isn’t it? You will not let them proceed with your case, if the investigation process can threaten your identity in any way, right? This is the foremost thing, one fears about before reaching out to a private detective agency. You don’t have to worry in this regard, while dealing with us.

We take utmost care about your client’s preferences. You can trust us, just like you trust your family member or a close friend. Confidentiality is the key word for us.

Let’s look into the another C- Coherent style.

One can’t win a situation, if one don’t have a coherent style of operation. This factor is very important to private investigators, whose profession mainly involves planning and creating strategies. Being reasonable , well-organized and articulate is all what a coherent style involves. City Intelligence employs this quality into its behaviour. We have systematic ways and procedures, which we use in our investigation process. While handling a case, we create a specific plan or strategy and we discuss it with our clients and only after getting their approval, we proceed with the case. By informing them beforehand, we make them aware about the efforts which we will make in the investigation process, resources required to fulfill the process and the time which we will take to complete the investigation process successfully.

Last but not the least, the third C stands for cost effectiveness.

Being cost effective means being effective or productive in relation to its cost. A customer will be happy from a service, only when he/she feels that the quality of service was good and up to the mark as compared to the amount spent on it. It makes the whole transaction as a wonderful experience for both the customer as well as for the service provider. We would like to inform you that you will feel the same way by using the services provided by City Intelligence. Amount of resources to be spent on the case, efforts to be made to crack the case and the situations involved in the case are the factors, which helps us to set charges for our services. We do inform the service charges, well in advance to our clients and if they have any form of hesitancy or doubts regarding this, they can tell us. We will discuss it and reach an amount, which can be mutually beneficial.

These were the three C’s which helps us to form a strong bond with our clients. Along with that, if you want to know, what serves as the source of strength for this private detective agency, we have three things to say: Our hard work, our strong determination and of course the excellent management and control by the Managing Director of City Intelligence, Mr. Rajeev Kumar.

Therefore, if you are looking for personal or corporate investigation service, don’t wait  and contact us.

Top detective agency in Varanasi


Reach us at

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one of the finest private detective agencies of our times. Like every professional organization, we also believe in growing and creating a special identity for ourselves and basically, we believe in broadening our horizons by our skills and capabilities. If you are looking forward to use investigative service in Varanasi, which is affordable, proficient, equipped with proper resources to successfully handle every challenge in this digital age and one of the best in their profession, then you should know that City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is offering its investigative services in Varanasi. Varanasi, one of the beautiful cities of Uttar Pradesh, where culture and traditions meet each other, can access the services of this promising detective agency.

We know that, you will decide to contact an outsider with your problem, only when you are in a delicate situation and coming out of that situation means a lot to you. Even though, we are not in your shoes, still we do understand this and we will take utmost care to deal with your problem. Dealing with personal and corporate investigation of all types is our forte.

Investigation services are not limited to particular parties. Whether you are looking for investigating about the person whom you are going to marry or you are looking for investigating about the prospective employee, whom you are going to hire for your firm, both kind of parties are welcome in City Intelligence. People usually have a pre- formed notion that services from a private detective are limited for cases relating to personal investigation only. That is not true. A large number of companies hire private investigators to deal with issues relating to their professional life. You can find more about the number of services provided by City Intelligence for our corporate clients, listed below. In short, by opting for services from City Intelligence for the issues mentioned below, you can affectively deal with your personal as well as your professional life.

There are a lot of challenges one can face in their professional as well as in their personal life. If you want one example, let’s say you are a part of a competitive industry; there is a danger of your confidential information regarding your firm to be leaked to your rivals. Snooping and eavesdropping the activities of your business competitors are one of the common techniques used in a professional environment to gain unfair advantage. Similarly, one can take unfair advantage of your trust and confidence to ruin your personal life.

Our specialities in corporate investigation as well as personal investigation are as follows:-

For Corporate investigation

TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)
Due diligence & asset verification
Pre & Post Employment  investigation
Labour court cases
Cheating/ theft cases
Insurance verification
Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
Risk assessment
Crime scene interpretation
Forensic science services

For Personal investigation

Pre- matrimonial verification
Post matrimonial discords & litigation support
 To check a person’s trust, loyalty or breach of conduct by
powerful people.
 Cyber crime investigation
Divorce related proof investigation

If you want to be successful in any profession, you need to adapt yourself according to that age, according to the needs of people in that age. If you don’t stays relevant, how can you possibly solve the problems of the people with your outdated techniques? If you try to use a cassette tape in a laptop, will it work?

No! then, how can one survive in the current world by using ancient equipment?

City Intelligence realizes the importance of this issue and that is why, it involves the usage of latest and updated technology in its investigations. We believe that, if we use technology in the right way, we can produce amazing results to help the mankind. This is 2019, where tricksters and fraudsters come up with new and innovative methods every day to dupe innocent people. Usage of latest gadgets available in the market helps us to stay ahead of them and help our clients in the long run. 

There are a number of detective agencies in our country. It surely does get difficult to choose one among these many options. We understand your dilemma and we hope that after reading this, you are able to get a much clear picture about what makes City Intelligence one of the best choice.

Before deciding to choose for services from a particular organization, you will see whether the organization is capable to fulfill your needs or not. If I decide to go to a doctor, I will examine whether he is qualified to successfully cure my ailments or not, what has been his performance record, how many similar cases has he treated previously etc. Similarly, when you decide to opt for the services of a private detective, you will carefully examine and scrutinize his strong points. You will look for the management, performance record, details about the services provided by the detective agency.

People judge about an organization, on the basis of its management. They want to know, with whom the authority and management of an organization lies, how qualified is the person, who is running the organization, will that person be able to successfully handle my situation or not. You can tell a lot about the management of an organization, by its performance in the outside world. The authority and management of this detective agency lies with Mr. Rajeev Kumar (Managing Director), who is extremely talented and a dedicated professional detective. He is duly trained in this area with coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. He is also General Secretary (Delhi) for Association of Private Detectives & Investigators (APDI) with a dedicated team of Law- enforcement agencies. His experience and credentials show that City Intelligence is a trustworthy detective agency. City Intelligence is capable of handling obstacles thrown in its way.

Situation of each and every case and the services opted by the client as well as the energy and resource spent by us for the case are the deciding factors behind the charges allocated by City Intelligence from its clients, but it doesn’t means that we don’t  take your budget into consideration. Our aim is to provide our investigative services at affordable cost. So, don’t hesitate while sharing your budget with us.

Main features in a private detective agency

The three A’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is excellent in providing personal and corporate investigation of all types. There are a lot of factors, which makes us distinctive from the others, but it would be much easier to explain about our proficiency in the form of three A’s.

What are those three A’s? Let’s see.

Administration         Adaptability to change       Attention to detail

  • ADMINISTRATION: It includes the management and control of our operations. Proper management leads an organization towards proper direction, which ultimately results in success.  City Intelligence is managed and controlled by Mr. Rajeev Kumar. He basically needs no introduction, as his intelligence and achievements speak for themselves. His strategies and timely decisions have helped City Intelligence to gain recognition and respect in the private investigation industry. He is Managing Director of City Intelligence.  His expertise and knowledge about this profession, has helped us to complete more than two decades in the private investigation industry.
  • ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE: It is said that a person should adapt himself according to the surroundings to survive successfully. If we don’t adjust ourselves according to the changes around us, how can we possibly move ahead with the changing times? One cannot expect the same results, when the situations are not same. The profession of private investigation, involves adaptability to changes. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. have also continuously adapted ourselves along with the passage of time. The time, when we started this profession, situation was different, resources involved to deal with those situations were different and if we see today, the present; things have completely transformed as compared to those early days, the way to deal with situations have changed. We have evolved in thinking as well as in our actions, with the changing times. That is why, latest technological gadgets are used in our investigation procedures.

Do you think, we could have survived this long if we had kept using those same old equipments and old school techniques which we had used almost twenty years ago?

  •   ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Attention to detail is a very important characteristic, which should be present in every private investigator, who takes this profession seriously. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. believe in doing each and every investigative procedure with thoroughness and accuracy. The profession of private investigation is like solving a puzzle, you need to pay careful attention to all the details, even to those little things which may seem unremarkable at the moment. If you miss even a little detail, you may not derive success. City Intelligence always tries to be detail oriented, to crack the cases successfully.

These were the three A’s which acts as pillars of strength for us, to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Top detective agency in Panipat

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. in Panipat

Panipat has a special place in the history of India. Famous for its handloom production all over the world, this city is also known as “City of Weavers” and in this city, if you require the services of a seasoned private investigator capable of providing excellent personal and corporate investigative services, contact City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Contact no: 011- 26107330, +91-9811510888(24 x 7 availability),

E-mail :

Everybody has a specialization and proficiency in certain areas. There are some detective agencies, which focus only on some specific areas like matrimonial investigation, insurance frauds, corporate intelligence etc. and there are some detective agencies which involves all these segments of investigation to operate. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is proficient in conducting both personal and corporate investigation of all types.

There can a variety of reasons for a person to hire a private detective. Individuals  & various business units seek our investigative services due to the following features:-

  • Well experienced in the area of private investigation:-

According to Albert Einstein,“ The only source of knowledge is experience” . City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has been dealing in personal and corporate investigation from more than two decades. We are capable of handling our  cases with great finesse by using our vast experience in this field and if the situation requires, we are also capable of creating new and innovative ways to solve the same problem.

  • 100% discretion and confidentiality ensured:- 

If you are worried about the safety and security of your personal details, then please don’t. You can trust us as, Total confidentiality is the key word for us.

  • Affordable charges:-

We take many factors into consideration while setting our service charges. Mainly we involve the amount of resources as well as efforts spent by us and of course the scenario of the case for setting up our charges. You can talk about your budget with us at pre-scheduled meeting, so that we can discuss about it and reach a common point, agreeable for both of us.

  • High success rate:-

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has excellent performance track. Our persistent determination, ingenuity, integrity, our dedication and passion towards our profession are the secrets behind our high success rate.

  • Latest technology used for surveillance & other investigative procedures:-

We, at City Intelligence involve modern gadgets  and latest innovations in our investigations. Due to advancement in technology, the ability to solve cases has drastically improved. Long and complicated procedures can be completed in few minutes by using appropriate technology and that’s what we do here.

Reliability, Dependability & Trust- worthiness, all these words  express the same meaning and they are very important to be acquired by a service provider in order to connect with the clients. City Intelligence has been proving itself from time to time, that it is worthy of your trust and confidence. That is why, we have been able to associate with a large network of clients. City Intelligence provides services for pan-India and international enquiries at reasonable charges. We hope to continue our journey in this field with the same undying passion and enthusiasm.

Every building needs a pillar for support, to stay strong and steady and to carry the weight of the whole building. Mr. Rajeev Kumar (Managing Director) of City Intelligence is that pillar. His talent, skills and dedication are the ones, which have lifted the City Intelligence to the place that it enjoys today. His outstanding credentials and experience make him, one among the brilliant detectives that we have today.

So, as we have already mentioned personal and corporate investigation of all types, lies under our areas of excellence.

Under personal investigation, we cover all the important issues, which may concern one’s personal life and require investigation service to be solved. If you are – getting married and want to verify the details  about your partner; already married and confused about the strange behavior of your partner; in need of skilled and experienced professionals to verify the trust & loyalty of your closed ones; going through a divorce and want to hire trained professionals in this area to investigate about proof; in need of professional services to find someone close to you who has gone missing or if you want to verify the personality of a person and check the details regarding his social life style, debts and credits, affairs & liaisons etc, City Intelligence is the right place for you. You can reach us via email or phone and discuss about your requirement with us.

As we have already mentioned, Panipat also serves as the leading handloom producer of our country. So, you can understand that , people over here give utmost importance to their professional life, as much as they give to their personal life. Under Corporate investigation, we conduct different types of investigation like bug sweep detection, asset verification & due diligence, pre and post employment investigation, insurance fraud verification, crime scene interpretation, risk assessment, employee cheating and theft cases, gathering expert opinion on fingerprint and handwriting, forensic science services and one of the new and most popular service “Mystery shopping”. These services are demanded by corporations and business units to not become a prey of the immoral schemes and unfair strategies of their competitors from their profession. 

So, the next time you think about obtaining professional investigative services with good quality and reliable performance, reach out to City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Top detective agency in Mussoorie

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. in Mussoorie

  • Are you in need of services from a private investigation agency?
  • Have you tried and tested services provided by many private investigation agencies and ended up with no satisfactory results?
  • Are you looking specifically for  personal or corporate investigative services?

If your answers to the above mentioned questions are in affirmative, we have great news for you.

As you know, Mussoorie, also regarded as “The Queen of Hills” is one of the famous holiday spots in Uttarakhand.  If you are in need of good private investigative services in Mussoorie, “CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD.” is the name you should know.

There are two kinds of people. Some people may opt for services from a private detective agency at one point or other and some people may never consider it as a good option throughout their entire life. If you belong to the first kind, I would like to tell you that finding a private detective agency is not such a big task, you can find hundreds of them after a single search through internet, but finding a good private detective agency from those hundreds of options, is where the real challenge lies. 

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. have always tried to be one in a million and therefore, we do hope to be your number 1 choice among the number of detective agencies you consider.

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., specializes in personal and corporate investigation of all types.

detective agency in india
Services by City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

We have been operating in this industry from more than two decades and all that experience has helped us to form a successful bond with a wide network of clients. We offer services for pan-India & also for international enquiries at reasonable charges.

One of the most common concerns for people opting for private investigation services, is their identity. They don’t want any investigative process, to threaten their image in return. You don’t have to worry about that, while approaching to City Intelligence. Total Confidentiality is the keyword for us.

For most of us, marriage is one of the important aspects of life. We all know that, how a wrong life partner can cause disastrous effects in one’s life. Therefore, a careful decision is needed in this area and we, City Intelligence can be useful to you in this aspect. We provide  pre matrimonial investigative services , where you can gather more background information regarding the person you have chosen to be your life partner.

Sometimes, everything cannot be known beforehand. If you are already married and you have some suspicious regarding the behaviour of your life partner, you can reach out to us. City intelligence is also specialized in providing post matrimonial investigative services.

Along with the above mentioned services, there are many  investigative services, provided under the area of personal investigation.

Under personal investigation, we provide the following services:-

*Pre- matrimonial verification

*Post matrimonial discords & litigation support

*To check a person’s trust, loyalty    or breach of conduct by powerful people.

*Cyber crime investigation

*Divorce related proof investigation

*Missing person investigation

*Personality verification including social life styles, debts & credits, affairs & liaisons.

As discussed above, corporate investigative services are also our forte. Scams, frauds, corporate pilferage and embezzlements etc. happens a lot in corporate world. You can either avoid it by taking some safety measures or do a proper damage control after facing such issues, both of these choices can be performed successfully, through the services provided by a professional investigation agency. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is well equipped with resources to provide you the best quality of services in the area of corporate investigation.

Services provided by us under Corporate Investigation are as follows:

* TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)

* Due diligence & asset       verification

*Employee investigation

*Labour court cases

*Cheating/ theft cases

*Insurance verification

*Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions

*Risk assessment

*Crime scene interpretation

*Forensic science services

*Tracing defaulters & litigation

* Mystery shopping

As you can see from above, we have tried to include all the important investigative services, one might need, while confronting various issues in the corporate world. From debugging services to mystery shopping, every service tries to curb different challenges imposed by the corporate world on people.

In the end, we would like to say that we know that you have only read about us till now, but we ensure you that our words will meet our actions, if you take a step forward and approach us.

So, what is stopping you from reaching out to City Intelligence. Contact us, through phone or e-mail.

Commonly Asked Questions About Mystery Shopping

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers in Delhi, India
Best Detective Agency With 7500+ Mystery Shoppers
  • QUESTION:-What exactly is involved in Mystery shopping?

CITY INTELLIGENCE:- If you are a retailer, hotelier, restaurateur, grocery store owner or own any kind of business and want to know answer to certain questions like: what is the experience of people who purchase from your business outlet or  whether rules and regulations are followed by your staff or ignored in your absence , then we have something, which might help you to get answers to these questions.

Yes, mystery shopping is a way to gather information about the operations of your business outlet. If you use this service from us, we will send some people disguised as “mystery shoppers” to your business outlet, who are trained to gather details regarding your product quality and service delivery in a discrete manner. Then, they will provide you a report regarding their overall experience in your business outlet which might help you to understand the workings of your business from a customer’s point of view and improve the faulty areas accordingly. It is not always about actual visit to the target location, sometimes mystery shoppers can gather information through telephonic conversation, if such kind of requirement is made by you.

mystery shopping agency

  • QUESTION:- How long does it takes to conduct mystery shopping investigation?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:- It takes about a week to ten days to complete this kind of investigation successfully.

  • QUESTION:- How much does it costs, to obtain this service provided by you?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:- It usually depends upon the location where the investigation is to be conducted and the amount of information to be collected as such. You will have to specify your expectations and requirements in the early discussions and then we can finalize the service charges on the basis of our mutual agreement.

  • QUESTION:- So, what will you provide at the completion of this investigation?

CITY INTELLIGENCE:- We will provide you the result of this investigation which will contain reliable and objective feedback of these mystery shoppers. It will help you to see your business from a fresh pair of eyes and understand its strengths and weakness, which will ultimately be useful for you to work accordingly.

Top Detective Agency in Chandigarh, Punjab

Top Detective Agency in Chandigarh

India is filled with beautiful cities which have picturesque landscape and impressive architecture, Chandigarh is one of them. It is a beautiful product of modern architecture and meticulous planning. There are many marvellous things about this city like its cleanliness, its scenic beauty and magnificent roundabouts.

detectives in chandigarh

Now, if you do discuss about Chandigarh, you have one new topic to consider “City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.” The Best Private Detective Agency in Chandigarh.

You are right, we are providing our investigative services in Chandigarh and we do hope that you would reach out to us, if you are in need of skilled, capable and seasoned investigative services. We live in a society, where there are some people who still believe in honesty and have ethical code of conduct. In the meanwhile, there are also certain people who try to lead their life by adopting immoral behaviour and they can go to any extend to fulfil their selfish desires. If we follow news we can see that, every day there is someone or other, who becomes a victim of cheating, scams, frauds, and extortion etc. So, you can see that it is really necessary to take precautions, before networking with a stranger. This is the point, where City Intelligence comes to rescue. We deal with a number of clients, who want us to conduct a background check; our result from the investigation helps them to make important decisions. Identifying the possible threats and using professional investigative services, to deal with them is the first step on your part towards a better life and we do our part by, conducting a thorough background investigation on our subject, by using our expert knowledge & skills. This is how it works.

Our services are not limited to just one category of people; both individuals and corporate can use our investigative services. We believe that a personal requires peace & stability in both personal as well as professional life, then why shouldn’t our services cover both of them.

Therefore, our services can be divided into two broad areas.


Let’s look deeply into both of the above mentioned areas. As it is clearly evident, personal investigation covers all the issues concerning your personal life as an individual. Marriage is one of the important issues; which one usually deals with in their personal life. Taking the decision to marry a wrong person, can cause disastrous results ultimately causing deep pain and misery to an individual. That is why, City Intelligence offers Pre-Matrimonial investigation service.

detective agency in chandigarh

But, sometimes things aren’t always as you wish it to be. People can face certain issue like lack of trust etc. after marriage too. If you are married and looking for answers behind the suspicious activities of your partner, you can reach out to City Intelligence. We also provide post-matrimonial investigative service.

We also cover other services under personal investigation like missing person investigation, trust & loyalty check, divorce related proof investigation and personality verification where we assess social life styles, debts and credits, affairs & liaisons of the subject of our investigation.

If you are interested to use any of the above mentioned service, you can contact us through phone or email and make enquiries regarding your situation. We understand that if you are deciding to use the investigative services for the first time, you may have a lot of questions, number of doubts and hesitation to reach out to an outsider. You may worry about sharing your personal details with us. If that is the case, you should know that we give utmost importance to the needs and preferences of our clients, don’t worry as confidentiality is the keyword for us.

Let’s jump into the next area of our service, corporate investigation. Professionals should handle themselves according to the business ethics, but how many of them are doing so? Maybe you do, but can you speak for everybody? No, isn’t it? As we discussed above, some people can do anything to stay ahead and you should take certain precautions to not become their victim. Corporate should be extra careful while making new professional associations and while hiring new employees.  Therefore, City Intelligence provides a number of services under corporate investigation like asset verification, due diligence, employee theft investigation, risk assessment, insurance verification, forensic science services, fingerprint & handwriting expert opinion, pre & post employment investigation etc. Along with all this, we also provide one of the new service called “ Mystery shopping”, which is very popular among retailers, restaurants, banks, hotels, movie theatres, health clubs and almost in every business outlet, where you want to assess the quality of customer service.

Competition in business is good, only until it is fair. The minute it becomes unfair, surviving in the corporate world becomes a huge challenge. It is witnessed that, many business enterprises plants bugs in the work areas of their competitors, to gain advantage. Snooping and eavesdropping are unfair means to achieve success, that is why City Intelligence also provides technical surveillance counter-measures, which involves the debugging process. Under this process, we help our clients to be safe from becoming a victim of unethical & unprofessional competition.

So, at last we would like to say that we know our words may not convince you, but our actions would definitely do so. There is no point in knowing the possibility of threats and not taking any action to fix them. That is why; don’t wait, take a step forward and reach us if you are in need of professional investigative services. We will not disappoint.

Confidential 24 Hour Support+91-9811510888

Best Detective Agency in Chandigarh

Challenges Involved In Finding A Good Private Investigator


This is the question; everyone must have thought before deciding to use a particular private investigation agency.

Making the perfect choice becomes a difficult decision for someone who has a lot at stake. Choices have the power to make or break our life and that is why, they should be made wisely.

Let’s talk about private investigation services.

private investigation agencyMany people see or hear about a number of private investigators in their day to day life. But the ultimate challenge arrives, when they have to choose one out of those many private investigators available near them.

We are well aware about this and in order to make this process a little bit easier, we have included some of the most important characteristics one should look out for in order to spot a good private investigator out of many alternatives available today.

1. WELL QUALIFIED AND  EXPERIENCED: A good private investigator will be well qualified in his profession. He/ she must have attained a formal training on private investigation and gained considerable working experience in the field.

2. REPUTED AND TRUSTWORTHY: Reviews from past clients through simple internet research can be useful to verify the credibility and reliability of a private investigator. You should also try to find out whether the private investigator had previously undertaken any case like yours or not.

3. ENSURES CONFIDENTIALITY: You should confirm whether the private investigator will keep your personal information strictly confidential or not. A good private investigator will not disclose your personal information against your wishes and conduct the investigation as discreetly as possible.

4. LISTENS TO YOU BEFORE MAKING ANY OWN ASSUMPTIONS: A good private investigator will listen to your problems carefully as well as patiently and then he/she will explain about the ways and strategies to solve it.

A good private investigator will not proceed with the investigation based on assumptions. In-fact, a good private investigator will be direct with you regarding the options available to approach your predicament and take your opinions into consideration.




When you are approaching a private investigation agency for the first time:


If you have decided to use services from a private investigation agency for the very first time, you may have a number of questions running through your mind. Don’t worry, you are not alone. If we look around, we can see a number of private investigation agencies each claiming to be the best, which makes it extremely difficult for a person to choose the most suitable one matching his requirements.

private investigatorTherefore, we have made a list of six most important questions, a person should ask a private investigation agency before using their services. Let’s have a look at them.



1. What are their areas of specialization?

Before using the services provided by a private investigation agency, you must ask about their areas of specialization. Some private investigators only deal in matrimonial investigation, some mainly focus on insurance fraud alone while some private investigation agencies (like us, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.) are specialized in issues relating to personal as well as corporate investigation.

You must get an answer to this question, before approaching a private investigation agency with your requirement in the first place.

2. What was the success rate of similar cases investigated by them?

While clarifying your queries from a private investigation agency, you should definitely ask that whether they have ever undertook any case similar to yours in their past. It will give you some idea to know that if they are amateurs to handle your requirement or experienced ones in that regard. From their answer, you can form your expectations accordingly.

If you feel that they are under qualified to fulfill your requirement, you can stop approaching them further and look into other private investigators.

3. What will be the required amount of time to complete the case?

You should ask the investigation agency about the time they will take to complete the investigation successfully. It is important for you to have a clear idea about the time period within which the private investigation agency will fulfill your requirement, so that you don’t have any unrealistic expectations from the investigator.

4. What kind of strategy will be applied by the investigator to fulfill your requirement?

You must ask this question before agreeing to use the services provided by the private investigation agency. When the investigator gives you a brief sketch about how he has planned to achieve the objective and the strategies he has developed, you can provide inputs of your own regarding the important details of the case and in this way, you will not remain in dark regarding the process of the investigation.

5. Will the private investigation agency ensure confidentiality?

This is one of the most important questions to be asked before entering into any sort of agreement with the private investigation agency. To avoid problems in your personal life, you should confirm from the private investigation agency that whether they ensure confidentiality and discretion from their side while conducting the investigation process or not.

6. What will be the total charges for conducting the investigation?

Last but not the least, you should ask about the service charges from the private investigation agency, before using their services. You should not tell them to proceed with the investigation without clearing up this aspect, otherwise it would lead to the wastage of money and time for both the parties.